13 January 2010


Shapour Cave
Caves of Iran, Cvae Shapour and Statue of King Shapor I
The historical Shaopur Cave is named after the Great Shapor the King of Sassanid Dynasty. This cave it is famous for the unique 7 meters tall and 1800 years old grand statue of Shapor I at the entrance of the cave. The cave is located near Sasan or Kashkoli village in Tang e Chogan valley, Closed to Shapur river and 6 km far from the historaical Site of Bishapur, the Sassanid winter capital. The entrance of this cave is 30m and is one of the largest in Iran.
This interesting tourist zone is hot in summer and moderate to cold in winter, you need one hour of simple trekking to reach the cave, a good place for foreign tourists and mount climbers, after climbing Mt Damavand, and other outdoor activities in Shiraz province, it is recommended to go to the histotical site of Bishabour and visit this beatiful cave.

Cave Shapor
Shapour Cave Kazeroon Fars, Iran
Photo by A. Soltani

About 1400 years ago the Persian Sassanid Empire collapse, and it is belived that this grand statue was collapsed down by an earthquake and broke to some parts later, it was on the ground for less than 14 centuries , about 30 years ago a group historical monuments lovers raised it again on its feet and fixed it.
Unfortunately, a main road is constructed recently through this historical site and thousands of vehicles pass through the site every day. The historical site of Bishpur has been split into two separate parts by this road, on the north side of the road are Tang e Chowgân valley, mountain pass, Shapour Cave, and Dokhtar Castle and some historical mount carving and on the south are other architectural relics, historical City of Bishapur, Anahita Temple.

Cave Shapur
Shapour Cave Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Geographic Location and Coordinate
Sasan ( Kashkoly) Village Bridge
Altitude 850 M
Latitude 29-47-37 N
Longitude 52-37-15 E

Starting Point Sasan ( Kashkoly) Village
Start your trekking here, it takes about one hour to reach ther cave, there is a good footpath with clear route signs.
Altitude 866 M
Latitude 29-47-57 N
Longitude 51-37-04

How to go there
Tehran> Shiraz> Kazeroon
Kazeroon Road to Chenar Shahijan> Bishapour Site Junction > Tang e Chovgan Valley > Bridge > Sasan ( Kashkoly) Village

Alternate Names and Spellings
Shabor, Shahbor Cave, Shapur, Shahpour,Shahpor Shapoor, Shapor, Shabour, Shabor Cave, Ghar e Shapor, Qar e Shapour
in Persian:غار شاهپور , غار شاپور

Cave Shapoor
Gar e Shapour Kazeroon
Photo by Soltani

Longest Caves in Iran
1- Ghori Ghaleh Cave 13 Km, watercave
2- Katale khor Cave 12.8 Km Natural
3- AliSadr Cave, 11.5 km, water cave
4- Karaftou Cave 750 m, Historical

Major Caves of Iran
AliSadr Cave Hamedan, Iran, water cave.
Karafto Cave, natural and historical.
KataleKhor Cave Zanjan,
Moon Cave, histrorical.
QoriQaleh Cave Kermanshah.
Shapor Cave Kazeroon, historical

Gar e Shapur
Shapour Cave Fars
Photo by Sherppa

Gar Shapor
Shapour Cave Iran
Photo by A.Soltani

Cave Shapoor
Shapour Cave Fars,Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Cave Shapor
Shapour Cave Fars,Iran
Photo by Ardeshir

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