25 February 2023

Damavand 4000 Shelter

4000 Shelter Damavand
North Face of Mount Damavand Shelter 4000
Since it was built at a height of 4,000 meters, the first shelter along Mount Damavand's northern path is known as the "Damavand 4000 Shelter." This Damavand camp can support up to 20 climbers under ideal conditions. The metal shelter structure, which was constructed on the Damavand's north face ridge, remains unequipped. It is open to strong winds. Water is extracted from glaciers on both sides of the ridge, although during the summer, the glaciers are vulnerable to rock slides. In general, the 4000-Shelter (lat: 35.9782°, lon: 52.1112°, alt: 3,996 m) is a better option for climbing Damavand in the winter.

Damavand 4000 Shelter
Mount Damavand North Face Route

Climbing Guide for the Damavand North Route
Climbing Damavand from the northern face is one of the trickiest ascent routes. The north face's summer basecamp is located at the Big Rock, which is five kilometers from the Nandal Village (latitude: 36.0303°, longitude: 52.1740°, elevation: 2350 m) and marks the end of the Nandal plain. The Great Stone, located in latitude 36.0119, longitude 52.1205, and elevation 2,920 meters, is the starting point from which you will climb to a height of 5,670 meters. You can save time and, of course, climb more efficiently by taking a rental off-road vehicle from the settlement of Nandal to the Big Rock.

Mule and Porter 
Similar to the northeast approach, climbers can hire a mule to carry their backpacks on the Damavand north side, which is quite beneficial. The mule can then be used to take the backpacks to the Damavand 4000 Shelter. Mules will carry your cargo from Big Rock to the 4000m refuge. The use of mules is obviously less prevalent on the northern front than it is on the southern front, and mules are not always available. If you choose to use a mule, it is better to make the necessary arrangements from inside the Nandal hamlet and before reaching the enormous stone.

Damavand North Route 
Mount Damavand Climbing Guide

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