Mount Damavand Climate
In general terms this mountain has two seasons only, summer and winter! The other seasons are too short , it is necessary to be aware of the weather forecast before you atempt climbing. Remmember in any season, for a successful climb you need a reliable weather, it is a good idea to reserve an extra day in your itinerary for bad weather.

Spring April, May
Climbing in spring is rather difficult, but Damavand is beatiful, specially for its good-looking natural poppy fields which start blooming in May in lower parts of the mountain and gratually covers the upper sides. May and June are suggested months for hiking and trekking tours nature and ecosystem of the mountain.

Spring Mount Damavand
Damavand in Spring

Summer June, July, August
Damavand is a popular peak for summer, June, July and August are are the recommended months for the climbing the mountain, in this season footpaths are usually free of snow, the weather is mostly good, and reaching the mountain base camp is easy by public transportation, but there is a disadvantage, shelters are crowded. Best timing for ordinary climbers to tackle the mountain. Usually the weather is good in summer, but it could change to bad rapidly and the temperatures may drop to sub zero fast, so be aware to have sufficient cloths even during a good weather.

Summer Mount Damavand
Mt. Damavand in Summer

Autumn September, October
Generally it is cold and windy, there is no water in the area, shelters are not crowded, have winter equipment with you, because of icy footpath ascend and descend is difficult.

Autumn Mount Damavand
Mount Damavand in Autumn

Winter November, December, January, February, March
The winter climate may start even from October and last to April, ascending to the Damavand summit is very difficult, there are excessive wind up to 100 Km/h and severe low temprature down to -60 deg C, and some other risks, climbing is graded very difficult. There are heavy snow falls in winter because it is closed to the Caspian Sea, it makes climbing very difficult in winter, but it ideal season for ski mountaineering, from December to mid May.

Damavand Winter Tips and Recommendations:
- A successful climb in winter is experience plus good equipments, good timing and weather.
- You need a very experienced climbing or ski guide in winter.
- For climbing or ski mountaineering use south route only.
- Road to the base camp is blocked by snow and ice, so cars can not go up to this campsite.
- Impossible to use the mules, so you must carry all gears yourself or by porters.
- Shelters need cleaning from garbage and snow, if you could find them under snow !

The weather has caused more casualty than any other factor by climbers. Remmember weather forecast is only an approximation, so do not rely on theset reports totally.
The weather in damavand could change to disastrous very quickly in winter, strong winds more than 100km/h and freezing temp below -60°C, you should be very experienced for a difficult ascend or ski expeditions in the difficult climates and be aware of that there is no rescue team and medical facilities in the area in case of injury andemergency, so extra care in necessary in winter and any consequences is at your own risk.

Winter Mount Damavand
Damavand Mountain in Winter

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