Damavand Wallpaper 8
8 April 2011, by Sherppa

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1- Mount Tochal: Download
Mount Touchal Iran Winter Climbing

Mount Tochal Iran Winter Climbing
Mount Tochal Winter Climbing
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

2- Ski Mountaineering Mt Damavand Iran: Download
First Steps of Ski Mountaineering to Mt Damawand
Ski Mountaineering Mt Damavand Iran
First Steps of Ski Mountaineering Mt Damavend
Picture by A. Soltani

3- Mt Damavand Summit: Download
Last Steps to Mt Damawand Summit
Naft-e Omidiyeh Group from Khouzestan, Iran
Mt Damavand Summit
Last Steps to Mt Damavend Summit
Photo by A. Soltani

4- Mt Tochal Iran in Winter: Download
Mt Tochal Iran in Winter
Mt Tochal in Winter
Photo by Ardeshir
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