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Popular mountains for hiking trekking and mountaineering in Zagros Mountains in Iran with numerous summits above 4000m. Mt Dena is one of most recommended mountain for trekking.

Mount Dena
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Dena Mountain Chain Mt Dena is standing in the Zagros Mountains South West of Iran. It is about 70 Km long and has about 50 peaks above 4000 meters. The highest summit of Mount Dena is called Bizhan III (or Ghash Mastan, Ghachmastan) and it is 4535 m high. Dena Mountain Chain is located between three Iranian provinces, Esfahan, Kohgiluyeh and Chaharmahal Bakhtiary.

Trekking Tour Mt Dena Iran
Mount Dena, Zagros Mountains Iran
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

The Famous Peaks of Dena Mountain
- Bizhan I (Mash) 4340 m
- Bizhan II (Borj Asmani, Seh Ghopeh) 4350 m
- Bizhan III (Ghash Mastan) 4535 m, the highest peak.
- Hera 4260 m
- Hovzdal (central HovzDall, or Dena) 4350 m
- Pazan Pir 4300 m
- Sichani ( Sichoni) 4200 m

Hovzdal Summit
Howzdal or Dena Peak 4350 meters Central Howz Dall (also called Dena peak) is the most popular peak of the mountain for trekking and mountaineering. The favorite route for this peak starts from Sisakht Town and goes through a beautiful valley called Boz Kosh Valley on the south face of the mountain. This route has a shelter/refuge called Cheshme Pouneh (or Cheshmeh Pidani) at altitude 3800 m, about 1.5 to 2 hours before reaching the summit. Sisakht City is about 35 km from Yasuj City and is the favorite starting point to reach Mt Dena.Useful links Damavand Info, Damavand Forum, Damavand Weather.

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Iran Mounts in Takht e Soliman (Soleyman), Alborz Mountain Range
- Mt Alam 4850m
- Mt Khersan Shomali (North Khersan) 4680m
- Mt Khersan Jonobi (South Khersan) 4660m
- Mt Takht e Soliman (Soleyman) 4660m
- Mt Siasang 4610m
- Mt Haft Khan 4540m
- Mt Chaloon 4515m
- Mt Siagook Shomali (North Siagook) 4445m
- Mt Siakaman 4470m
- Mt Shaneh Kouh 4465m
- Mt Gardoon Kouh 4400m
- Mt Mian Sechal 4350m
- Mt Lashkarak 4255m
- Mt Zarin Kouh 4200m
- Mt Sializ 3975m

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