13 April 2009


Weather Forecast
Mount Damavand and other Iran mountain and city Weather Forecast.

Mount Damavand 5671 m Mazandaran, Iran
6 Day Weather Forecast by Snow Forecast it is about 80% correct .
Top at 5671 m altitude Summit
Mid at 4909 m altitude mid way to the peak
Bot at 4147 m altitude Camp 3 Bargah Sevom

Mt Tochal 3970 Tehran, Iran
Mount Tochal 6 Day Forecast by Snow Forecast is about 80% correct .
Top at 3900 m Tele Cabin Tochal 7th station-Ski pist-Hotel Tochal.
Mid at 2836 m altitude Tele Cabin Tochal 5th station-Old ski pist.
Bot at 1771 m Tele Cabin Tochal 1St station Velenjak, Tehran, Iran.

Ab Ali, Iran
6 Day Weather Forecast for Ab Ali at 2649 m

Darbandsar, Iran
6 Day Weather Forecast for Darbandsar at 3049 m

Dizin, Iran
Weather Forecast for Dizin at 3599 m

Pooladkaf Ski Resort, Iran
Weather Forecast for Pooladkaf Ski Resort at 3231 m

Sepidan Ski Resort, Iran
Forecast for Sepidan Ski Resort at 2655 m

Shemshak, Iran
Forecast for Shemshak at 3049 m

Weather forecast for other Iranian cities:
Interactive Global Geostationary Weather Satellite Images

Yahoo Weather Forecast : Tehran

BBC Weather forecast: Tehran, Iran

AccuWeather Forecast: Tehran, Iran

Winter View Mount Damavand
Mount Damavand Iran, Photo by A.Soltani
View From Haraz Road, Polour Village

Mt Damavand Climate
Generally speaking Mt Damavand has only two seasons! Summer and winter, the spring and autumn are too short and of minor significance in this topic, it is essential to learn the general Weather conditions prevailing in the area over a long period before your ascend. Regardless of the season, you need a good weather for a successful climb, allways reserve a day in your itinerary for bad weather.

Spring May
Climbing is difficult however Mt Damavand nature is imaginary in spring specially for its beautiful natural red poppy fields which start blooming beigining of May in low parts and gratually covers the upper parts. May and June are best months for hiking & trekking Damavand nature.

Summer June, July, August
Mt Damavand is a popular mountaineering peak for summer, June, July and August are the best and recommended climbing months for Mount Damavand. During these three months, Damavand footpaths are usually free of snow, the weather is relatively mild, access by public transportation to base camp is easy, but the mountain shelters are crowded. Climbers are strongly advised to tackle Damavnd during this climbing season only.
Remember, Damavand weather is fine mostly in summer, but it could change in a short time, and the temperatures may drop to far below zero, so have sufficient cloths with you even during a good weather.

Autumn September
Usually cold and windy, and no water in the area, the shelters are not crowded, you are advised to have winter equipment with you. Due to icy footpath ascend and descend is graded difficult.

Winter October, December, January, February, March, April.

The winter condition may begin from October and last to April, climbing to the Damavand summit is highly dangerous, due to excessive wind and severe weather conditions, snow, ice and other risks, Damavand ascend and descend is graded very difficult. Mount Damavand south route is the best side in winter, either for climbing or ski mountaineering.
Due to vicinity of Caspian Sea, there is heavy snow falls in winter. The season for ski mountaineering is from December to mid May, Best timing for ski tours generally is March & April.
In winter you need a high skilled experienced guide, cars can not go up to the base camp and it is not possible to use mules in the area, so you should carry all equipments yourself.
In winter, Damavand camps need some cleaning from snow and garbage if you are luckky enough to find them under snow! To be successful in winter, you should be very experienced and well-equipped, you need a good timing and good weather.

Remember the Weather in Mt Damavand could change to disastrous in winter, with strong winds above 100km/h and freezing temprature below -60°C, you must be well-experienced for such a difficult climb or ski mountaineering expeditions in harsh climate in Mt Damavand, and further more remember that rescue and medical facilities are not available in case of injury and emergency, so extra care should be taken for climbing and ski in Mt Damavand in winter and it is done by your own risk.
The weather on Mount Damavand arguably has caused more deaths than any other factor besides bad judgment by climbers. Some climbers appear to rely on weather forecast reports or none at all, but one should note they are forecasts too, and one day their forecast will probably be wrong too.

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