06 August 2009


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Heavy Snow Fall - End of Summer season 19 Sep 2009
There has been heavy snow fall in Mt Damavand area this week, meaning that summer climbing season is ended, ordinary climbers are strongly advised not attemp climbing till a better condition in next summer. It could be a good news for Mt Damavand ski mountaineers.

Crowd Peak 6 Aug 2009
Mt Damavand is a major tourist attraction in summer and reaches its crowd peak in 6 August each year, because of its easy accessibility from Tehran, south route is the most popular face of the mountain, there is no clear estimation that how many climbers ascend in this month, in order to encounter a small crowds problem, it is recommended that you bring your own tent in August because all shelters and huts are full of climbers or book a place in huts in advance.

Sad News 1 June 2009
Unfortunately because of bad weather in Mt Damavand last week, 3 climbers from Bandar Abas, Iran lost their lives , This group with 11 members climbed from south route, due to bad weather at altitude of about 5000 meters 7 climbers returned back to Bargah Sevom Camp and 4 of them continued their ascend to the summit, but in return they could not find the correct way back to the Camp3 and they lost the way in the dead zone of Mt Damavand, they ended to west route, which caused them 3 death.

The Victims:
- Torabi Abdul
- HamidMemari
- FarkhoundehKeshmiri Sajedeh

Damavand Victims
Mt Damavand Victims from Bandar Abas, Iran

Warning for climbing Mt Damavand in spring climate
Spring 2009 May and early June -
15 May 2009
Due to heavy spring snow fall in the mountain in spring 2009, most parts of the routes are covered by snow and ice and climbing to the summit is very difficult in May and early June.
So for a safe and successful climb in this season:
- You should be very experinced climber.
- well equipped with winter gears.
- crampon and ice axe are necessary.
- you need a good weather.
- well supported .
- ready for any risky and unexpected condition in Mt Damavand.

Heavy Snow Fall 13 April 2009
The snow fall around Damavand and Lasem is continued this week. Good for Mt Damavand ski mountaineers , but it may delay the climbing season for ordinary clmbers.

Snow Conditions 6 April 2009
A good news for Damavand ski mountaineers ,there was a rather good snow fall around Mt Damavand this week.

Permit Fee in 2009 - 1 April 2009
Permit fee for foreign climbers is still 50 USD per person and there has been no reduction in the price.

Snow Conditions 15 March 2009
There has been little snow fall this year around Mt Damavand and Lasem so far compared with the last year , so if you intend to ski mt Damavand , keep in mind that you may face little snow.

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