13 January 2010


Vara Cave
Caves of Iran, Cave Vara, Sun Temple
Vara Cave is located closed to Jahrom City near City of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran. This historical cave has been one of the most significant temple in persia in Achaemenian and Sassanian dynasty. It has seven small pools and was used in religious ceremonies, to worship “Mehr” or “Mithra”, for morning pray and sacrifices. The word vara means stronghold or castle, it faced eastward and sun light passes through during sunrise so it is called the Sun Temple or Solar Temple too.

Cave wara Iran
Wara Cave, Ghar e Sang Eshkan Jahrom, Iran
Photo by Jafar Sepehri

It has been used for different purposes in different historical eras, in Sassanid periode, it was a holy religious place. In Islamic time, the statues of Mehr and Mithra were destroy, but people still prayed Mehr and Mithra as an angel. Later it was occupied by ordinerary people, hunter, homeless and they have done some majore damaged to the cave.

This tourist target is hot in summer and moderate cold in winter, an very interesting destination especially for foreign tourists and Mt Damavand climbers, to visit the histotical and natural sites besides their climbing and other outdoor activities in Iran.

Solar Temple Iran
Solar Temple, Ghar Sang Eshkan, Iran
Photo by Sepehri

Quick History
Besides the importannce this of this cave temple , there are some historical site in the area with evidences of old iranian eara. Jahrom or Gahrom is one of the oldest cities in Iran, "Gahrom" means Hot Lantad, the city was established by Ardeshir I, the fifth king of Achaemenian, it had a dry climate during the kingdom of Bahram Gur. Jahrom had a remarkable place in the Achaemenian and Sassanid.

There are numerous historical sites in the area:
- A Sasanid fire temple called Ghadamgah.
- Mausoleum of Barbod the great Iranian musician.
- One of the world's ancient man-made caves called Sang Eshkan.
- Natural cave Buniz.

Cave vara
Sun Temple Iran
Photo by Jafar Sepehri

Longest Caves in Iran
1- Quri Qaleh 13 Km, watercave
2- Kataleh khor 12.8 Km Natural
3- Ali Sadr , 11.5 km, water cave
4- Karaftoo 750 m, Historical

Geographic Location and Coordinate
GPS Landmark

How to go there
Tehran> Shiraz > Jahrom> Lar Road> Qar Vara
About one hour trekking from car park, turn right at the junction.
(The left road also goes to the Zendoon Vara, Haft Oudon, Khougonish, Ouqazi, Kharzahreh, Galoonar-Beshkar.)

Alternate Names and Spellings
Vara or Wara Cave, Gar Vara, Gar e Wara, Solar Temple, Sun Temple
In Persian: غار ورا ، غار وارا جهرم

Major Caves in Iran
Ali Sadr Hamedan, water cave.
Karaftou , natural and historical.
Katale Khor Zanjan,
Moon , histrorical.
Ghori Ghaleh Kermanshah.
Shapor Kazeroon, historical

Cave vara Iran
Vara Cave Jahrom, Iran
Photo by Jafar Sepehri

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