Camp 1 Reyneh
Mt Damavand South Route Campsites
Reineh hut is the oldest Mt Damavand campsite, it was build in 1939 and reconstructed in 1969, since then there has been no major changes in this building, this small old camp is located in Reyneh Town and it was the only main mountain resort in the area for many years before the construction of Camp 1 Polour in Polour Village in 2004. In recent years among Iranian climbers and foreign tourists, Reineh hut has lost its popularity to the new hut.

If you want to go to Damavand from north of Iran, either from Mazandaran or Gilan or province, you may use the Reineh as your starting point to the south route, but if you travel through capital Tehran, you have a better option and you are recommended to use Polour Hut which is much better place and a shortcut to the Base Camp.

Camp 1 Reineh Mount Damavand
Mt Damavand Camp 1 Reineh

Advantages- Access way to the south face from north of Iran, ie Mazandaran and Gilan province.
- Old and ordinary camp for accommodation and acclimatization.
- Shared rooms with bunk beds and private suite.
- Cooking equipment and kitchen.
- Central heating.
- Telephone line and electricity.
- Water taps, cold & hot, shower and toilet.
- 2 Mobile networks available in the area.

Disadvantages- Longer access from Tehran compared to Polour Hut.
- A small hut with little facilities compared to Polour New Hut.
- This old camp need some reconstruction.
- Needs better management.

Important Note
Please note, it is not recommended to use any unidentified place  as your accommodation either in the towns or villages near the mountain. The safest and the best resting place are Iran Mountain Federation Camps ONLY.

Altitude: 2078 meters
Latitude: 35-52-58 N
Longitude: 52-09-58 E

Reineh Town
Rineh is a beautiful small town located in south slopes and at foot of Mt Damavand in Mazandaran province, Iran. It is the capital of the Larijan district of Amol County.

Alternate Names and spellings
Reineh City, Reyneh Town, Rayneh, Reneh, Rehneh.
In Persian رینه، شهر رینه ( pronounced ray ne)

South Route Map Damavand mount
Damavand South Route Map

Mt Damavand Camp 1 Reyneh

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