Alborz Mountain Range is located in northern Iran and is extending from west to east of the country, it is a natural barrier between the Caspian Sea and the central plateau of Iran.
Many peaks are given the name Alborz, such as Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus Mountains, and Mount Elbariz (Albariz) in the Kerman, also there is a peak in the Hindu Kush, near Balkh, called Mount Elburz, these names come from Alborz mountains in Iran. This range is made of sedimentary series, it has a forests ecoregion on the northern slopes in the Caspian Sea zone.
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Alborz Mountains, Caspian Sea and Damavand
Mount Damavand in the Alborz Mountains
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Due to the heavy snowfall in winters there are many ski resorts in Alborz, which some are among the best in the word for either on-piste or off-piste and wild ski mountaineering.

Major Ski Resorts in Alborz Mountains Iran
AbAli ski resort, piste, Haraz Road, Tehran
Darbandsar ski resort, piste, Karaj,Tehran
Dizin, grass ski piste,, Karaj,Tehran
Dizin ski resort, piste,, Karaj,Tehran
Lasem, off piste ski area
Mt Damavand, off piste ski zone, Mazandaran Province, Iran
Shahmirzad, Semnan Province
Shemshak ski resort, piste, Karaj,Tehran
Tochal ski resort, piste,Tehran Iran

Quick Facts
Lenght: about 1500 km long
Width: varies betwee 30 to 130 km
Highest Peak: Mount Damavand 5671 meters
Avarage height: about 3000 meters
With many peaks above 4000 meters

Famous peaks in Alborz Mountain Range
Central Alborz Range
Mt Damavand 5671m
Mt Azad Koh 4395m
Mt Kholenow 4375m
Mt Nazer (Leghas) Bozorg 4350m
Mt Palan Gardan (Paloon Gardan) 4250m
Mt Koloon Bastak 4200m
Mt Sarakchal 4150m
Mt Vorvasht 4100m
Mt Kharsang 4100m
Mt Tochal 3960m
Mt Mehrchal 3920m
Mt Atash Kouh 3850m
Mt Shahneshin 3850m

West Alborz Range
Mt Sialan 4250m
Mt Shah Alborz 4200m
Mt Khash e chal 4180m
Mt Kehar 4040m

Takht e Soliman (Soleyman) Range
Mt Alam 4850m
Mt Khersan Shomali (North Khersan) 4680m
Mt Khersan Jonobi (South Khersan) 4660m
Mt Takht e Soliman (Soleyman) 4660m
Mt Siasang 4610m
Mt Haft Khan 4540m
Mt Chaloon 4515m
Mt Siagook Jonobi (South Siagook) 4500m
Mt Siagook Shomali (North Siagook) 4445m
Mt Siakaman 4470m
Mt Shaneh Kouh 4465m
Mt Kolahoo 4410m
Mt Gardoon Kouh 4400m
Mt Mian Sechal 4350m
Mt Lashkarak 4255m
Mt Zarin Kouh 4200m
Mt Alanehsar 4050m
Mt Karma kouh 4020m
Mt Pasand Koh 4000m
Mt Sializ 3975m

Other Names and Spellings
Alborz in Farsi البرز, رشته کوه البرز , Alburz, Elburz and Elboroz.

Alborz Mountains, Caspian Sea and Mt Damavand
Alborz Mountain Range, Caspian Sea and Mt Damavand
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