Hiking & Trekking Iran

Online encyclopedia of Iran Sightseeing
Iran has numerous beautiful hiking area with trails for different types of natural wildlife and ancient history sites for hiking & trekking and outdoor activities,
To name some of these natural beauties of iran reference should be made to altitude and summit in Alborz and and Zagros Mountain, protected and wildlife zone, plains and desert ecosystem, gardens and recreational places, lakes and wetlands, rivers and waterfalls, sightseeing such as natural parks, Mt Damavand natural poppy fields and tulips, natural thermal springs, minral water and SPA.
Damavand is popular for hiking & trekking and outdoor activities, April, May, June, July and August are the best and recommended timing for hiking in Iran natural environments because trails are usually free of snow and the weather is relatively fine especially in mountain area .

hiking iran
Hiking & Trekking Iran

Difficulty and Hiking Grade
The difficulty grade of hiking & trekking in Iran is different and includes all levels for all type of physical ability of tourists and hikers traveling to Iran.

One Day
Or a single day hike, this refers to a hike that can be completed in a single day and not requiring an overnight camping, like a mountain hike to a lake or summit, beautiful places can be reached overland by this kind hiking.

Or long duration walking, the best way to see the nature in the mountainous regions which requires overnight camping, and backpacking.

hike for ordinary tourists , visiting iran nature with trails and historical sites.

Difficult Walking
Applied to mountain hikes in mountainous regions and summit, or through dense forest, backpacking is required, hikers see the nature better than a tour in a vehicle of any kind, such as hikhiking & trekking mt damavand iran .

Horseback or Camel Riding
When access by public transportation is not easy, this hiking refers to cross-country riding-walking of a longer duration than a simple walk and usually over terrain.

Major Sightseeing Zones in Iran
poppy fields damavand mt
damavand flora fauna

dareh vashi, tang vashi, tang washi

castles in Iran
Arg of Karim Khan
Arg-é Bam
Ark of Tabriz
Babak Fort
Chogha Zanbil
Dimdim Castle
Falak-ol-Aflak Castle, Dej Shapour Khast Khoram Abad Lorestan Province
Fort of Our Lady of the Conception
Furg citadel
Ghal'eh Dokhtar
Ghal'eh Paeen-Shahr
Karim Khan Castel, Shiras
Meimoon Ghal'eh
Mount Khajeh
Narin Qal'eh
Nehbandan citadel
Palace of Ardashir
Rayen Castle
Rudkhan Castle, Rood Khan,
Shush Castle
Takht-e Soleymān
Tappeh Sialk
Tus citadel
Zahhak Castle
( Arg = Citadel , Ghal'eh = Fortress , Dezh = Castle )

Ali Sadre, AliSadr cave, ghar ali sadr, Hamedan iran.
Katalekhor, Katalekhor Cave, ghar katalekhor, Zanjan Iran.
Karafto, kordestan iran
QuriQaleh, Quri Qaleh Cave, ghar quriqaleh, Kermanshan
Sahoolan, Cave Sahoolan, ghar sahoolan, mahabad
Shapour, Shapour cave, ghar shapour, kazeroon
Vara Cave, ghar vara, Gahrom, Jahrom

Abadan, Khosestan Province
Esfahan, Isfahan,
Kerman, Kerman Province
Shoosh, Khosestan Province
Shiraz, Fars Province
Susa, Khosestan Province
Tehran, Tehran Province
Yazd, Yazd Province

Ardakan Desert (Siyah Kooh),
Abar Kooh Desert,
Bahadoran, Saqand,
Behesht Abad, between Anar and Rafsanjan
Dasht Kavir
Haji Abad and Zarrin Abad Deserts, Kashaf Rood Valley,
Herat and Merosat, Behesht Abad,
Lout, Dasht Lout, Loot Plain, Zahedan.

Abr, abr forest abr, jangle, abr jungle, fog forest,
Bazoft Forest Zone, Shahr-e-Kord,
Chaloos Forests, Noshahr,
Sisangan Forest, jangl e sisangsn

Dowland Abad Garden, Yazd
Eram Garden Shiraz,
Fin Kashan,
Mahan Summer Resident Places, Kerman

Mt damavand Iran Glaciers
Chalchal Glacier
Dobi Sel
Kafar Dareh Glacier.
Summit Glacier
Yakhar Glaciers,

Historical Iranian ancient tourist attraction and historic site , Some of the following historic sites have been registered in the UNESCO List.

Armenian Monastic Ensembles
Three monastic ensembles of the Armenian Christians living in Iran. St Thaddeus, St Stepanos and the Chapel of Dzordzor. The oldest 7th century

An ancient walled city originally built under Achaemenians. Kariz made life possible in this oasis iranian ancient history

It is the largest inscription of the world consisting of 1119 lines of cuneiform in three languages. The rock relieves depict Darius the great while

Historical bridges isfahan
Si o se poul esfahan, Pol e Khajoo, River Zayandeh Roud

Kakh Naseroldin Shah
Naseroldin Shah Palace

Meidan e Shah
A huge square with monuments on four sides, two storeyed arcades in Esfehan shiraz history,

The capital of the first dynastic Persian Empire, Achaemenians, founded in the 6th century B.C.

Persepolis, Most famous and popular site in Iran, tourist attraction and historic site, palace complexr Darius the Great 518 B.C.

prehistoric cave

Shushtar Waterfalls
The masterpieces of engineering at the time of ancient Iranians. The entire collection includes waterfalls, dams, bridges, basins, mills

Soltaniyeh, The capital of the Ilkhanid dynasty where the mausoleum of Oljaytu is located. This masterpiece of architecture

Takht e Soleyman
an archaeological site in the mountains, it consists of the temples, Palaces

Tchogha Zabnil
Temple, Tourist attraction and historic site, kingdom of Elam, c. 1250 B.C.

Kish Island, Bandar Abbas
Qeshm Island, Qeshm

Lakes and Wetlands
Anzali Wetland, Anzali
Aq Qala Wetland, Atrak
Avan Lake, Qazvin Province
Azar Goshasb,
Caspian Sea, Gilan and Mazandaran Province
Dasht Arjan, Shiraz, Fars Province
Haft barm lake, Shiraz, Fars Province
Hamoon lake,
Lar Dam Lake
Mt Sabalan Lake
Oromiyeh, Uromiyeh Lake, West Azarbayjan, Iran
Parishan, Kazeroon, Fars Province
Salt lake,
Valasht lake, Kelar Dasht

Alam koh alamchal, khersan, sarchal, siasang,
Alvand ganj nameh hamedan, Mt Alvand Mt Alvand
Bistoon mountain
Dena mountain zagros, garaneh Bijan, Sichoni
Dena yasuj, sisakht, cheshmeh pouneh, Zagros
Mt Damavand
Mt tochal , palangchal,
Sabalan ardabil, sabalan iran, Mount Sabalan
Shir koh yazd, shirkouh,

Mountain Camps
Amiri refuge shelter, Mt Tochal
Base camp, goosfand sara, damavand
Camp 3 Bargah
Camp 3 New Hut
Palangchal, Mount Tochal
Kolakchal, Shirpala, Mt Tochal
Polour village hut Polur Camp,
Reyneh Mountain Federation hut, Reineh town resort,
Siasang Shelter, Mt Tochal
Taftantahkt feridon shelter refuge camp mt damavand

Protected Wildlife Zone
Dena wildlife protected zone, Boyer Ahmad
Jahan Nama protected zone, Gorgan
Kavir desert national park and wildlife, Qom
Tondureh national park, Quchan

Abhar River
Aji Chay
Alamut River
Aras River, Araz
Arvand Roud
Atrek River
Bahu Kalat River
Chaloos River
Dez River
Diyala River
Do Hezar River
Halil River
Haraz River
Helmand River
Jajrood River
Karaj River
Karkheh River
Karun, Karoon
Kojoor River
Lar River
Little Zab
Noor River
Qom River
Quri Chay
Sardab River
Se Hazar River
Sefīd-Rūd, Sepid roud,
Shahrood River
Shatt al-Arab
Sumbar River
Zangmar River
Zāyandé-Rūd, Zayandeh Roud,

Ski Resorts
Abali ski resort,
Darbandsar ski resort, Ski
Dizin ski resort
Shemshak ski resort iran, ski
Tochal Ski resort
Yazd ski resort,

dash kasan solar temple zanjan,
Anahita, or Nahid, Konkobar
Temple of Artemis, in Kangavar,Achaemenian period, 550 BC to 330 BC,
The temple of Anahita at Ecbatana

Termal Springs, Minral Water, SPA
thermal mineral water, Thermal Spring pools, spa bath
Abe garm larijan damavand
Badab, Larijan, Qotor Soei
Hot spring larijan reyneh damavand
Nayer thermal spring,
Qotor soei thermal spring , iran,
Shabil ardebil thermal spring,

Kandovan, 60 km soutwest of Tabriz
Masooleh, in the Elburs Mountains
Rostaye abr, Village Abr

Ganj Nameh, Hamedan
Shalmasht, Sardasht
Maregoon, Sepidan
Savashi, Siavashi, Tang Vashi
savashi waterfall,
shooshtar waterfal iran Waterfall-Shooshtar
vashi, washi waterfall in iran
Yasooj, Yasuj

World Heritage Sites in Iran
Tchogha Zanbil
Meidan Emam, Esfahan
Takht-e Soleyman
Bam Cultural Landscape
Armenian Monastic Ensembles

Historic Monument of Kangavar
Historic-Natural Axis of Isfahan City
Historical Ensemble of Qasr-e Shirin
Historical Ensemble of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili
Hyrcanian Forest (Caspian Forest)
Jame' (Congregational) Mosque of Esfahan
Kaboud Mosque
Kerman Historical-Cultural Structure
Khabr National Park and Ruchun Wildlife Refuge
Khorramabad Valley
Kuh-e Khuaja
Lut Desert (the vicinity of Shahdad)
Mangrove Forest (Harra Reserve)
Nasqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab
Persepolis and other relevant buildings
Qanats of Gonabad
Qeshm Island
Shahr-e Sukhteh
Silk Route (Also as Silk Road)
Tape Sialk
Taq-e Bostan
Tehran Historical � Cultural Axis (Golestan Palace)
The Collection of Historical Bridges
The Complex of Handmade Settlements in Iran (Maymand Village)
The Complex of Izadkhast
The Cultural Landscape of Uramanat
The Cultural-Natural Landscape of Ramsar
The Ensemble of Historical Sassanian Cities in Fars Province (Bishabpur, Firouzabad, Sarvestan)
The Historical City of Masouleh
The Historical City of Maybod
The Historical Port of Siraf
The Historical Structure of Yazd
The Historical Texture of Damghan
The Historical Village of Abyaneh
The Historical�Cultural Axis of Fin, Sialk, Kashan
The Natural-Historical Landscape of Izeh
The Sepulcher Towers (Gonbad-e Ghabous)
The Zandiyeh Ensemble of Fars Province
Touran Biosphere Reserve
Tous Cultural Landscape

Dasht havij, dasht e havij pampas,
Prophet Khaled Nabi
Road AsalemKhalkhal
Zigurat, ChoghaZanbil
Haraz Vally
koohrang, kohrang tunnels safavid
Tunnel koohrang water, River-Zayandeh Roud
Poppy fields

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