Mt Damavand difficulty and climbing grade is the same as Mt Kilimanjaro 5895 m, the highest peak of Africa in Tanzania and also similar to the Mt Everest base camp 5380m in Himalaya Ranges.
Generaly speaking, ascending to the summit is not technically difficult, but physically a tough climb and you should be fit enough to try this huge volcano.

The main challenge is acclimatization and the fact that as you gain altitude the air gets thinner with less oxygen, so to prevent or reduce the risk of AMS and increases you chance of success and to enjoy a safe ascend to the summit, it is essential to have a proper acclimatization before your attempt.
Remember that Camp 2 Base (also known as Goosfad Sara) is not a suitable place for accommodation and acclimatization in summer because it is too crowded and too dirty, you better use camp1 and Camp3 only.

How to Acclimatize ?
This is an ideal suggestion for acclimatization in summer season.
There are many different ways for a long term itinerary, but for a short form plan we suggest the following which has been tested successfully many times for our incoming tours and we believe it is quite good for foreign climbers who intend to attempt Mt Damavand in a short program.

Mount Damavand Camp 1 Polour
Mt Damavand Camp 1 Polour Altitude 2270 m

Mount Damavand Camp3 New Hut
Mt Damavand Camp3 New Hut 4250m

Damavand Mt Iran
Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom and New Hut

Day 1 - Arrival Day + Acclimatization
The incoming tourists usually arrive early morning in Tehran, about 1 to 4 AM local time in IKA Airport Iran.
In the first day of your itinerary it is a good idea to go directly by car from airport to Camp 1 Polour altitude 2270m, you may just relax there and rest a day for acclimatization and sleep over night in the camp, no climbing or hard activity and no pollution of Tehran weather. Polour Camp in Polour village is the best starting point for Mt. Damavand calsic south route and the west route and a acomfortable accommodation place in the area.

Day 2 - Climb to Camp 3 New Hut + Acclimatization
In the second day of your programme you can go by car to Camp 2 Base 3050 m, this car transfer lasts about one hour and if you start 7 t0 8 AM in the morning you have plenty time to reach the 3rd camp, start your trek from base camp and by 4 to 6 hours slow walk go to Camp 3 New Hut 4250m, use the rest of the day for acclimatization, over night in the New Hut.

Day 3 - Summit Day
In the third day you are almost ready for a safe try to Mt Damavand summit, You better to start at about 5 AM.
See also Common Mistakes, How To Climb

Day 4 - Reserved Day
Always reserve a spare day for acclimatization and/or bad weather. If you need more time to acclimatize, in the 3rd day you can go up to nearby heights and go back to camp3 and stay one more night there and attempt to the summit in the 4th day.

IKA Airport Tehran Iran
IKA Airport Tehran Iran
IKA Airport Tehran, Iran
IKA Airport Tehran Iran

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