100 Damavand Club

Think Less Climb More!
This topic belongs to those who have managed to climb 100 times or more to Mt Damavand summit !
There are great mountain climbers in Iran climbing society, such as mountaineering, alpine style climbing , speed climbing, rock climbing and other mountaineering activities. But there are only a few who can claim to be the member of "The 100 Damavand Club", because there is no reliable source and place to record such a information and facts for this mountain or for other Iran mountains, unfortunately Iran Mount Federation is the last organization to know about such data!

Mount Damavand winter view
Mount DamavandIran

Despite lack of sufficient data we have decided and started to collect info in this regard, we are not sure how far we can go, but we know a great walk always starts with the first step! So we take the opportunely to say that MDG weblog and the website MDIC, the home of Damawand lovers, are the first and best place to publish such information! We will update this page when we find these guys. We welcome any info in this regard.

Mojtaba Saghian
He has climbed Mt Damavand 156 time till summer 2009 !!
He had plenty to celebrate in 2007, this climber added another record to his growing collection with his 106th damawand climb for the Iran mountaineerin society, but it is a better idea to rank him in another page , such asdamavand extraordinary climbers, without a doubt he is a super climber.
Joined "100 damawand club" Summer 2007.

Mojtaba Saghian 1oo th Climb to Mount Damavand 30 Sep 2008
Mojtaba Saghian 1oo th Climb to Mount Demavand
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Ardeshir Soltani
Started his first climb in 1988, personal best record 24 climbs to Damavand in 2007, it could be also a new record in Iran for a single year.
Cold and windy afternoon of 30 Sep 2008 was a great moment and magnificent day for Ardeshir Soltani, he managed his 100th climd to this enormous mountain it was unbelivable, he has done it in20 years!
Joined "100 damavand club" 30 Sep 2008.

Ardeshir Soltani 1oo th Climb to Mount Damavand 30 Sep 2008
Ardeshir Soltani 1oo th Climb to Mount Damawand 30 Sep 2008
Photo by Amir Farahani

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