15 January 2010


Popularity and Crowd
Mt Damavand is popular because it is the symbol of freedom agains enemies in Iranian myths, it is mentioned in Persian literature throughout the years and is the subject of many folk poems. In technical terms, it is well-known due its great height with moderate climbing slopes and mild climbing grade and difficulty.

This mountaineering peak has gained its popularity quickly among foreign tourists recently and is visited by a great number of climbers each summer. The most popular face of the mountain is the south route, due to its easy accessibility from Tehran, also for the excellent mountain huts.

Damavand mount
Mt Damavand Iran, Summer View
Photo by A.Soltani

Today, it is an international tourist target and one of the world's finest peak. There is no clear estimation about the number of climbers who visit this summut each year, but about 10 percents appear to be foreigners.
This popularity has made some crowd problem for the climbers.

How to Avoid Crowd Problem in Summer
The crowd season is between 20 June to 23 Sep, during the school vacations and the highest crowd peak happens about 6 August.
In order to encounter the least crowd problem, keep away from weekends and holidays, Iranian weekends are Thursday and Friday, start your programme on Sunday or Monday and finish it before weekend.

- Haraz Road is the only access road to the mountain, during Iranian weekends and holidays, there are big traffic jams in this road.
- Don't count on Camp 2 Base at all, you better ignore this campsite for any acclimatization and accommodation, it is the worst campsite in area in summer, it is very crowded and dirty, it is invaded by local people, tour buses and cars arrive there any time and make a lot of noise.

For acclimatization use Camp 1 Polour or Camp 3 New Hut only .
see also Warning
- During the crowd never sleep in Camp 3 Bargah old Shellter, use your own tent or book private rooms in Camp 3 New Hut.

See also helpful info for When to climb? When Not to Climb? in Timing

Tour Mt Damavand
Summer Tour

Mt Damavand Tour
Summer Tours , Photo by Ardeshir

Tour Mt Damavand
Spring Tour
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Mt Damavand Base Camp Mosque and Shelter
Base Camp Mosque and Shelter Crowd
Photo by A.Soltani

Mt Damavand Base Camp Mules
Base Camp Mules
Photo by Soltani

Mt Damavand Base Camp Shelter
Base Camp Shelter
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Mt Damavand Bargah Sevom Shelter and Tents
Bargah Sevom Shelter and Tents
Photo by Soltani

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