18 January 2010


FAQ - Part 5
Frequently Asked Questions Mt. Damavand Iran

Q- What is situation with snow in spring?
A- too much snow camp3 to the summit, it is recommended to bring winter equipments with you.

Q- What is the snow situation in the winter?
A- Usually there is heavy snow falls in the area. See also warning in Winter Climb .

Q- Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated for spring climb.
A- Usuallu we are have heavy snow fall in the spring, you may face winter condition, so take care and have winter gears with you and do not leave the camps if weather in bad.

Q- What are the best months for trekking in summer? (e.g. June /July) or autumn (September / October)?
A- Best Climbing Time: 10 June To 20 August .

Q- How about climbing during mid September? I guess there are less people on the mountain, but perhaps will there be more rain?
A- In September, yes it could be less crowd but there might be more snow and colder. See also Climate

Q- Do you think it's possible to climb the mountain in May?
A- Yes, when the weather is good.

Q- is there a lot of snow in May ?
A- It depends to the weather, usually there is not a lot of snow at this time of the year.

Q- My preferred dates would be: arrival in Tehran on ----.
A- To get rid of road traffic in Iranian weekends, Saturday to Monday are recommended for starting dates.

Q- So we would like to conquer Damavand in the 1st half of May......
A- Depends to the amount of snow, the condition might be tough early May.

Q- which month you recommend, I would rather not very hot climb and getting to the snow if it is safe..
A- Best climbing time 10 june to 10 August . Even in the peak of summer it is cool and pleasant.

Hiking & Trekking Iran Damavand, Photo by A. Soltani
Damavand Hiking & Trekking Tours
Photo by A. Soltani

Q- We would like to take the opportunity to see Esfahan, Shiraz and maybe some other places in your exciting country. However, that might be more difficult during Ramadan.
A- There is not much restriction for foreign tourists during Ramadan, you may eat and drink in your hotel any time you like, also there are some open restaurants for tourists during the day in any city.

Q- However, i would like to spend few days in Esfahan. Do you think that this could be worked into the itinerary.
A- Yes we can arrage it.

Q- Would you also have an English speaking guide for my visit to Esfahan ?
A- Yes no problem, we will provide you one.

Q- Should we book or buy domestic filght tickets to Shiraz or Isfahan in advance?
A- You should buy domestic filght in Iran in advance.

Q- We need domestic flight to Shiraz.
A- Please give us the names and the exat flight days to and from Shiraz.

Q- In a Damavand private tour, will i be the only person or in a group going up ?
A- You will be with your guide only.

Q- When should I ask you to make tour reservation before my arrival.
A- At least one month before your starting day.

Q- well as the round trip takes 3 days I wish to know is this flexible to four days or so if acclimatization takes more time...
A- Please remember, Private Tour are custom designed, but Shared Tours are not flixible.

Q- In a shared tour, Do we need to bring our own food and water for all days?
A- No, we will support you with hot meal at the huts.

Q- Please give the information until which date we need to confirm and register our tour in advance?
A- The sooner the better, it is recommended to register at least one month before the starting date .

Q- We have decided to choose the Shared Tour on event calendar for South Route ...... and we want to take part in.
A- No problem.

Q- In a private tour package, do we sleep in a tent or in the hut in camps?
A- There will be hut + bed + hot meal in camp1 and camp3 .

Q- In a private package, do we need to get all the cooking stuff with us or you will provide it? And will we have a separate cook on the route or we're gonna cook ourselves?
A- In our private tours, you do not need to bring cooking stuff or cook yourself, you do not need to be wory about anything, just leave all to us and enjoy your tour.

Q- will you organize our trip to Shiraz (and Persipolis) ?
A- Yes, no problem.

Q- I would be interested in climbing Mt Damavand next may or june in 8 days or so.
A- Please choose a suitable programme in the page itinerary.

Q- have you got guides tours?
A- Yes, We offer guided tours, climbs, hiking & trekking.

Q- Should i tell you which hotel i would like to stay in, and you book it ?
A- Yes, choose the kind of hotel then we will book it for you.

Q- any spa in the area ?
A- Yes, Larijan Thermal Spring .

Q-Concerning the date of our arriving in Tehran it is still a bit uncertain .....
A- the sooner you fix your programme , the better time and service you may get.

Q- what is included guided trip ?
A- In a full package, almost every necessary things.

Q- Do you think it is possible to organize transport from Camp 2 to Tehran in summer.
A- Yes we may organize it for you.

Q- Do you know if its possible to catch a bus from the Turky border crossing to Tehran and how I can do that please?
A- Yes you can catch a bus from the border, or you can go to the Makou an Iranian city near the border and find a bus to Tehran. Please remember that after crossing the border, if you go to TABRIZ or OROMIYEH major Iranian city, you have more option to find a bus (or airplane) to Tehran.

Q- We are from..... and will not be able to afford the airport pick-up. We will find a taxi to Polour or take a bus into Theran and then try to find a bus that goes on the Haraz main road to drop us close to Camp 1 Polour.
A- Perhaps this is a cheap way for you: From IKA Airport or any place in Theran you can go to Terminal Shargh by taxi, or bus. From Terminal Shargh you can get a bus to Haraz Road to Polour junction, there is a statue of a mountain climber showing the Damavand way! From here you can get a local Taxi to Iran Mount Federation Camp 1 Polour.

Q- Is it easy to find transport in Polour to take us to Camp 2/ Base Camp in Spring?
A- Yes, but remember that cars may not be able to go all the way to camp2 in this time of the year.

Q- Can you please tell us if it is possible to get a bus or taxi from the airport directly to Polour, or does one need to go into Theran first and then get transport from there?
A- There is no direct bus from IKA Airport to Polour, some taxis may know about this mountain camp but not all of them.

Q- Could you possibly organize a transport to Gusfansara "as far as car can go" in May or April?
A- No problem.

Q- Could you possibly organize a transport for us from Teheran to Lasem?
A- No problem, we can offer you this Service.

Q- I am not sure if the road to Camp 2 Base ( Gusfansara) is completely useable in April?
A- We may consider this road "as far as car can go" in April.

Q- Is it possible to get a transportation means from Rineh to Tehran on Friday ?
A- Yes it is possible, remember Friday is not a good day to be on the Haraz Road See details in Haraz !

Q- Is it possible to get a taxi or transportation means from Gusfansara to Rineh on the way back from the summit?
A- Yes it is possible, but we do not recommend Camp 1 Reineh ,we recommend to use Camp 1 Polour instead.

Q- Is it possible to get a taxi/bus in Lasem to go to Gusfansara or is it better to book a taxi in advance?
A- You may find one, but it is recommended to book it in advance.

Q- Is it safe for a British citizen to take the train from Tehran to Van in Turkey ?
A- No problem, bus or train.

Q- Can you help us to arrange the transportation towards the Base Camp (Gosfand Sara) as long as possible minding the snow.
A- Yes, we can arrange it, as far as car can go depending on season.

Q- How can i reach Reyneh from Teheran? Is there any buses? when the last one leaves?
A- Why do you want to go to the Reyneh ?! If you travel from Tehran, there is better way, shorter and cheaper, go to Polour Hut and start from there.

Q- can we travel from Teheran to polour village (can we travel by bus)?
A- From any place in Theran You can go to Terminal Shargh by taxi . From Terminal Shargh you can get a bus to Polour .

Q- How do we book transport from Reyneh to Gosfan Sara?
A- in Iranian Mountaineering Federation Camp in Polor Village or Reyneh Town you can ask for the car.

Q- We need transportation mainly, for trip to Damavand ?
A- No problem, we can fix it for you, just let us know the exact date and time few week before your trip .

Q-How we can get reliable and safe transport ?
A- We try to do our best for you .

Weather Forecast
Q- In case of bad weather, is it possible to change the summit day ?
A- No problem, If you have reserved an extra day, you may try your second chance.

Q- Thank you for warning us about the weather in Spring. We have good clothes for really cold conditions!
A- You are welcome.

Q- what will the temperature be at basecamp in evenings in July?
A- Near zero to sub zero. have a look at Weather Forecast in MDG, it is about 90% correct.

Mt Damavand, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand, view from Polour Village
Photo by A. Soltani

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