07 October 2012


Iran Mountains
Iran has many beautiful mountains to offer to world mountaineering and climbing society for summer trekking and winter climbing with hundreds of peaks above 4000 metres altitude. Mountaineering is popular in Iran, the climbs start from very simple routes and trekking in summer to technical winter ascents on mountains such as Damavand 5671m, or Alam Kouh 4850 m, which has a 750m vertical granite wall. We will introduce the most popular ones in this topic.

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Mount Dena
Mount Sabalan
Mount Tochal

Mount Sabalan 4811 m
Volcano Sabalan
For detailed info visit : Mt Sabalan

Mount Sabalan is the second highest volcano in Iran , the first is Mount/Volcano Damavand 5671m . Sabalan is located in Azarbaijan Iran , Ardabil province.

Mt Sabalan: Savalan ; Sabalân ; Sāvālān
Elevation: 4,811 m (15,784 ft)
Location: Ardabil province, Iran
Prominence: 3,283 m (10,771 ft)
Coordinates: 38.25° N - 47.92° E
Type: Stratovolcano
Age of rock: 5.6–1.4 million years
Last eruption: unknown, possibly Holocene
Easiest route: hiking / scrambling

Sabalan (in Persian سبلان Sabalân ;also called Sāvālān in Azerbaijani) is an inactive stratovolcano in Ardabil province of northwestern Iran. Sabalan is the third highest mountain in Iran and a permanent crater lake has formed at the summit. Sabalan has a ski resort (Alvares) and different tourist areas such as the Sarein spa. The mountain is known for its beautiful vistas, including the Shirvan gorge, where few climbers ever venture.
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Mt Sabalan Photo Gallery by A. Soltani

Iran Mountain Tour
We offer hiking & trekking, mountaineering, climbing and mountain expedition tours to Alborz and Zagros Mountain Ranges and regular tours to Mt Damavand Iran. With qalified mountain guides which are the most experienced ones in Iran.

- Mount Alam koh 4850m, Kelardasht, Gilan Provice.
- Mount Alvand, Hamedan, Hamedan Provice.
- Mount Dena 4250m, Yasuj, kohgiloyeh va Boyerahmad.
- Mount Oshteran, Doroud, Lorestan Provice.
- Mount Sabalan 4811, Ardebil, Ardabil Provice.
- Mount Shirkoh, Yazd, Yazd Provice.
- Mount Tochal 3960m, Tehran.
- Mount Zardkouh, Bakhtiyari Provine.
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Trekking Tour Mt Damavand Iran
Trekking Tour Mt Damavand Iran

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