Damavand Volcanic Activity
18 April 2012, By Sherppa

There has been some news and rumors on the media about Mt Damavand new volcanic activity in 2012, these unverified information is widely spread by radio, tv and internet.
To give the latest news and a clear view of what is happening, here you can read the last words by friends who have summeted this giant volcano in early April 2012.

Damavand Mountain Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

There was a reasonable amount of rain and snow fall in winter 2011 on Mt Damavand area. This usually increases the amount of gas emission from the vents in the in following year, also it may increase the hot water temperatures at the flank of southern thermal springs in 2012. We experienced similar events, rain/snow fall in winter 2006 and consequently some more volcanic activities in 2007.

About the Trip Report
This is trip report is made by a group of mountain guides and climbers who have climbed Mt Damavand from the South route on 5 April 2012, it covers the latest information as far as unusual volcanic activity in 2012 is concerned!

Remember these guys are just interested in mountaineering and focused on climbing this beautiful volcano. They are not geologist and nor the experts who studies the history and development of the volcanoes!

Damavand Trip Report
18 April 2012 By Azad Mountaineering Group Iran
This observation indicates a common view since 2007 and signifies Damavand Volcano visually shows the regular white emissions rising about few meters above the summit form the main southern vent. Also unverified new smoke emission is reported on the West face of the mountain by another team.

- For the first time, some new smoke and gas emission is visible and was reported in April 2012 on the western side of the mountain by a mountaineering group, but not verified by other people.
- On 5 April 2012 sulfur dioxide emission was observed on the main Southern vent.
- The southern vent has been active (observed) since an expedition in June 2007.
- This current emission has entered its 5th year.
- The volcano has been on stable condition since 2007.
- Damavand volcano has not shown any signs of major unrest recently.
- There has been no recorded volcanic tremor or earthquakes recently.
- No recent eruptions were observed or occurred at the volcano.
- No new lava flow observed at summit crater or on the flanks.
- There is no ash fall.
- No exclusion zone has been placed around the volcano.

Important Note
- Climbers ascending from the South face are advised to remain at least 50 meters from the southern main vent.

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Damavand Volcano
Damavand Volcano Iran
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