Damavand Accommodation Part 2
28 October 2011 By Sherppa
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In any hiking trekking and mountaineering itinerary the safety of a team is the main priority. In this topic we give you the necessary tips to avoid the risks and enjoy your trek and increase your chance of success to Mt Damavand Iran.
For a successful attempt to the summit, it is essential to have a proper and trusty place for your accommodation in the area, we suggest you to use the campsites which belong to Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation. These resorts are the safest, the cheapest and the best resting place for your accommodation and

Mount Damavand Winter View
Mount Damavand Winter View
Photo By A. Soltani

It is highly recommended to use Iran Mountaineering Federation camps and huts in the area such as:
Camp1 Polour Hut and Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut.

Not Recommended
Do not use any unidentified places in the cities, villages and open areas around the mountain. Also not recommended to use  Camp2 Base (Goosfand Sara Old Shelter or the Mosque) and Camp3 Bargah Sevom Old Refuge in the crowded seasons.

Damavand Camp1 Hut
Damavand Camp1 Polour Hut

More Tips
- While mountaineering around Damavand, if you have any question, try to find and ask your question to an English speaking mountaineer.

- If you travel from the capital city Tehran, the safest and the most reliable starting point either for the West or for the classic South route of Damavand is Camp1 Polour Hut.

- During summer and peak season for climbing, most mountain camps and huts such as Camp3 Bargah Sevom old shelter and Camp3 New Hut shared saloon are crowded and too noisy, so for your comfort and privacy and to enjoy your hike it is much better to use a tent (not around camp2), or book and use a private rooms in the Camp3 New Hut.

Camp Reservation and Booking
Unfortunately in summer, there is not an easy or a proper way to book the Huts in advance in the high season, either by email or telephone, specially for the Camp1 Polour Hut and Camp3 New Hut private rooms, it is only possible to do it by good connections just a couple of days in advance!!!
(If I could find a proper way, I will add the following info:)

About Camp2 Base (Goosfand Sara)
Camp2 Base Goosfand Sara also called the Mosque is the most crowded campsite in the area. We do not advise to use it in summer  because it is too crowded, dirty and noisy.
For more details visit also: Warning.

IKA Airport To Damavand First Camp Road GPS Track and Map
Tehran IKA Airport To Camp1 Polour
GPS Track and Road Map
By Ardeshir Soltani

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