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9 April 2011, by Sherppa
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A collection of beautiful mountain photos, nature photo gallery and picture album. You may view large size 1024 x 768 images in JPG format and download pictures for your desktop wallpaper.

1- Damavand Poppy Field.
Natural poppy fields start blooming in May at lower parts of the mountain. Download

Damavand Poppy Field
Natural poppy fields at lower parts of the mountain.
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

2- Pied Horse.
(The color of the horse reminds the snow pattern at the summit!!)
Damavand Horse
Pied Horse
Foto by A. Soltani

3- A Boulders Climber Goat! Download
Damavand Goat
Goats always like to climb boulders!
Picture by Soltani

4- Damavand BaseCamp 3040m.
Alternate names, Goosfand Sara Shelter/Refuge or Mosque.
Damavand BaseCamp 3040m
DAMAVAND BaseCamp 3040m.
Image by A.Soltani

5- Donkey
A memorial family photo at the base of Mt Damavand!
Damavand Donkey
Pic by A. Soltani

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