Mt Damavand Winter Alert

24 March 2012, by Sherppa
We have observed a very high wind speed and freezing temprature this winter, which have caused many teams to cancel or postpone their programs such as mountaineering, ski and snowboard expeditions to Mt Damavand.

Mt Damavand Winter Warning
Freezing Temprature Mt Demavand, Iran.
-71° Celsius (-95° Fahrenheit) 4 February 2012
By Snow Forecast

Damavand Mountain Iran is very cold in winter, the wind speed may reach more than 130 K/H (80 M/H) and the temprature could drop to below -73° C (-100° F), almost a freezing circumstance similar to the poles, making the condition extremely tough for any kind of winter sport activity.

Mt Damavand Winter Warning
Strong Wind Speed Mt Demavand, Iran.
110 Km/h (68 M/h) 15 March 2012
By Snow Forecast

Winter Warning
If you want to attempt any kind of winter sport activity such as winter ascend, ski touring or snowboard expeditions to Damavand, you must be aware of this cold and freezing weather and possibility of risks and injuries. You should be well-equipped, very experienced and you need a good supporing team too. Also remember, there is no rescue team and medical facilities in the area.

Mt Damavand Winter View
Damavand Winter View
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

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