19 November 2022

Damavand Tour

Damavand Tour

Damavand Mountain Hike Trek and Climb Tour
Many of you have probably dreamed about ascending Iran's Mount Damavand. By going on a Damavand tour, you may now actually experience the temptation of this majestic volcano. Let's work together to formalize all the preparations for a Damavand tour package, so stay in touch for further details.

Damavand Trekking Tour
Damavand Mountain Hike Trek and Climb Tour

Damavand Trekking Tour
Mount Damavand Hiking Trekking and Climbing Tours
We are a leading Damavand tour operator situated in Tehran, Iran and we organize Mount Damavand Iran Tours for Hiking, Trekking, and Climbing. Providing a wide range of high-end trekking excursions to Damavand as well as other Iranian mountains for mountaineering tours and Damavand ski touring. These excursion programs include everything from beginner-friendly summer treks to strenuous winter climbs up the Damavand. Our team of highly skilled Damavand tour guides in Tehran provide guiding support to numerous individual climbers, climbing groups, and tour operators each year. For incoming groups, we offer the greatest services. Discover useful details at How to Climb Mount Damavand Iran.

Damavand Tour - Private, Economy and Group Tours
We provide 3 different kinds of Damavand hiking excursion tours to Iran's highest point:

I- Damavand Private Tour, (all seasons – trekking & skiing).
II- Damavand Economy Tour, (summer – trekking).
III- Damavand Group Tour, (summer – trekking).

Mount Damavand Climbing Tour Map
Damavand Climbing Tour Map

I- Damavand Private Tour
This is a highly recommended fully customized VIP tour package for arriving foreign climbers and mountain visitors travelling to Iran. In order to best meet your program, it is extremely adjustable in terms of time, itinerary, services, help for Iran visa authorization codes, and other logistics. With this tour package, you might benefit the most from a specially designed excursion. Every service required for your journey to Iran, a climbing tour of Damavand, and a tour of Iran's highlights is included.

II- Damavand Economic Tour
Also known as a group tour, it is a budget-friendly choice for lone climbers who prefer to split travel costs with other mountaineers. A shared trip offers the essential services for a Damavand trekking excursion even if it does not offer a full package and is less flexible in terms of time and itinerary. It is designed to enable lone climbers to join forces with mountaineers from different countries and ascend together while spending as little money as possible.

III- Damavand Group Tours
Our group tours to Mount Damavand are designed specifically for trekking teams and mountaineering groups during the summer season. We advise against solo trekkers or climbers who plan to climb Damavand alone from choosing this tour package. We provide our professional assistance to different climbing organizations to enhance their chances of success in a cost-effective manner when attempting to climb Damavand Peak. At Damavand Group Tours, we warmly invite all foreign hiking and trekking groups to join us.

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Damavand Hiking Trekking and Climbing Tour
Damavand Tour, Iran's highest peak at 5,670 m, is a hiking expedition that combines climbing and trekking (18,600 ft). This massive peak is one of the most accessible large mountains in the world for hiking, trekking, and climbing expeditions. Damavand is gradually gaining popularity as a climbing and ski-touring destination. It is a lesser-known yet magnificent summit. The Damavand trip is conceivably the fastest 5600-meter trekking expedition on the entire planet.

The first camp on the Damavand hiking trail is Polour Mountaineering Campsite, which is within a few hours from Tehran's IKA International Airport. You can experience the views, landmarks, and natural grandeur of Damavand's famed peak by making the fast ascent to its summit as part of a climbing tour program. If you need any additional services in Iran, such as tickets for internal and international travel, cultural and historical tours, etc., don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Highlights of the Damavand Tour
- Include the volcanic crater on the conical-shaped Damavand Volcano.
- It has an amazing icefall called Abshar Yakhi, which is located at the height of about 5100 meters.
- With a height of 5,671 meters, Mt. Damavand is the second-highest volcano in the northern hemisphere.
- The tallest peak in the area, Mount Damavand, is also known as the Middle East's and Iran's roof.

Mount Damavand Hiking and Climbing Tour
Damavand Hiking Trekking and Climbing Tours

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Damavand Tour
The starting trail of mount Damavand for hiking and trekking tour is Polour climbing Campsite, it is just a few hours from IKA Airport in Tehran.