FAQ - Part 3
Frequently Asked Questions Mt Damavand

Q- In our group, some of us did Kilimanjaro but others have never climbed before. Is possible two organize separate teams for different level of fitness?
A- No problem.

Q- What is the required level of fitness?
A- Very good fitness is required for the summit, ordinary fitness for 4200m or lower parts.

Q- at the mean time please let me know what sort of exercise would help me to be ready for the climb ?
A- Mount climbing, running, cycling, swiming are very useful, and it is recommended to sleep few nights at the elevation about 4000m for better acclimatization.

Q- Please advise me what should I do and how to get fit for the climb.
A- These activities are very useful, running for 1 hour twice a week or walking-tracking for 2 hours 3 times a week, or cycling for 2 hours twice a week, best place to do these exercises are mountains or hills If you have any access, swimming for 2 hour twice a week.

Food and Drink
Q- I am a vegetarian, and do not eat meat or fish what do you recommend?
A- I have no idea for this one ! But I will do my best to find some suitable food for you with your advice.

Q- Can we buy breakfast/dinner at Camp1 Polour Hut or Lodge?
A- Yes, depends to the kind of food you need.

Q- What is situation with water in the camps 2 and 3.
A- There is no running water in the area in except in summer, you may melt ice and snow.

Q- can we eat the hot meals in the area in a tour?
A- Yes, we will support you with hot meal in huts.

Q- Is there possible to obtain food and drinking water in the new hut?
A- Just few items.

Q- Do you supplying food at Mt. Damavand camps (Goosfand Sara, Bargah Sevom)
A- Yes for our tours, we will supply all food and drinks during the tour.

Q- is there going to be a chance to buy food on the way/near the camps or we will have to shop for 4 days in Tehran?
A- Yes you can, but best place for shopping is Tehran.

Q- Is it possible to get food in Polour or should we get that in Teheran in advance?
A- Tehran is preferd for any shopping.

Q- Can we bring camping food through Iranian customs?
A- Yes, no problem you may bring any food you like.

Damavand Mountain
Damavand Mountain Summer View, Iran
Photo by Anosh Soltani

General Info
Q- Can you help us to arrange somewhere we can put our gear that we are not taking with us on Damavand?
A- No problem, you may leave unnecessary ones behind in Camp 1 Plour or in your hotel in Tehran.

Q- Are there special conditions attached for women mountaineers?
A- No, Just like ordinerary climbers.

Q- I hope there is no restriction for woman climbers?
A- No, there is no restriction for women.

Q- of course we can bring our eqipment, but in rest of our expedition, we would like to travel in few parts of Iran, it will be unconfortable to bring it all the way.
A- It is possible to leave unnecessar stuff behind in you hotel or Polour Hut till you come back.

Q- Do you provide certified mountaineer / medic?
A- Please let me know what do you need exactly.

Q- I have uploaded your GPS coordinates to my GPS!
Seems to work perfect. A very good climbing aid!
A- You are welcome.

Q- Would it be possible to leave our mountaineering gear in Tehran hotel while traveling to Shiraz and back the second week of our stay?
A- Generaly it is no problem, in case of they do not offer this service you may leave your mountaineering gear in Polour hut.

Q- What is the distance from the airport to the base camp ?
A- Tehran IKA Airport to Camp1 Polour distance 133 Km, See more details in Facts And Figuers

Q- We will take the risk of cancellation of any domestic flights in Iran !
A- You understand the situation at this end.

Q- we want to make sure that a certified mountaineer is with us and knows how to deal with AMS or other frequent climbing medical situations
A- No problem.

Q- Do you think we will need the second guide because of 7 people in the group?
A- Yes, extra guide is recommended.

Q- Is it compulsory to have a guide for damavand climbing?
A- It is not compulsory, but a guide will increase your chance of success and decreases your other costs.

Q- Will you be our tour guide for ---- ?
A- I hope so !

Q- I wonder if you could help me. I would like a guide to take me up Damavan in … this year. Can you recommend me to a guide please?
A- We can provide you the most experienced guide and any necessary service you need.

Q- may I ask you to coach me on my journey? I surely make it up to you in the future.
A- My pleasure, I do my best to be in that programme.

Q- How much does it cost to hire a guide.
A- Low in summer, high in winter and off season.

Q- Do u You know maybe some nice (and cheap) hotel in the centrum of Tehran city ?
A- Depends how much money you want to spend for hotel ? My suggestion for the cheapest and best accommodation is, to go directly from airport to the Iranian Mountaineering facilities closed to Mt.Damavand ... much better weather than in Tehran, you can save your money and time and best place for acclimatization.

Q- Could you possibly give us a tip for a cheap but nice hotel in Teheran for three nights?
A- Please choose your Hotel in topic Hotel, we will book it for you.

Q- Can you please book me a simple hotel in Tehran,?
A- Yes, we will book a room for you, please be in touch for the hotel address. If you have Google Earth software installed on your PC just click on the attached placemark file to see your Hotel location in Tehran !!

Q- Which itinerary do you recommend, I believe our physical condition, which seems not to be good enough right now !
A- We suggested 3 or 4 days itinerary for your programme, see also Itinerary pages.

Winter Damavand
Damavand Mount, Winter View
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

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