Mt Damavand shape is conic like many other volcanos, it looks like Fujiyama in Japan, but much greater, with the altitude 5671 meters and a crater diameter approx 200 to 400m across and 30m deep, the crater has a permenants glacier which melts in hot summers and forms a small pool with little water. There is no shelter or refuge at the peak, in case you want to challenge 7000 m or higher altitude you can make you own tent for acclamatisation somewhere safe and away from sulfuric gases in or around the crater.

The summit is made of lots of yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones, usually cowerd by ice and snow. This stratovolcano has some sign of vlocanic activty at the top, a big vent is formed in 2007 just bellow the crater with high fumarolic activity, through which hot sulphurous gases emerge, it releases an extent amount of smoke and hot sulphuric gases.

Mt Damavand Peak 5671m
Mount Damavand Summit

Ascent to the summit from Camp3 about 5-7 hours
Descent from summit to Camp3 about 2- 4 hours

Summit Location and Coordinate
Latitude 35-57-19 North
Longitude 52-06-37 East
Altitude 5671 m

For elevation of Mt Damavand and the gps measurment and accuracy for the highest point on the peak, visit Elevation. Visit also: GPS Landmarks, and Pool

Mt. Damawand Highest Point
Damawand Highest Point

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