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2 Days Summer Climb from South Route
Summer is an ideal season for ordinary climbers to tackle Mt Damavand, where the footpaths are usually free of snow and the the weather is relatively fair and you have good chance of success. MDG would like to show you how to Climb this mountain in a short form itinerary in just 2 days from south face which is not a technical route.

This itinerary is recommended for those who stay in Tehran or subuebs, but not suitable for incoming foreign climbers and tours on the arrival day as the first target in Iran.

The following conditions are necessary for a successful ascend, a good physical fitness, ordinary climbing skills and equipments, good acclimatization to 4000m in advance.

Suggested timing for this trip is June to August and the recommended starting days Saturday to Monday to avoid Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday), also keep away from crowded holidays.

Damavand Map
Map Damavand Iran

Day1– Transfer and Starting Day
How to go to the mountain,
Iran Mountaineering Federation Camp 1 Polour is recommended stating point, it is a shortcut to the mountain, travel by taxi or bus:
Tehran> Haraz Road> Polour Village> Camp 1- Polour, about 2 Hours.

How to go to the Base Camp
At the first camp ask for a car to take you to Camp 2 Base ( goosfand Sara, Mosque)
Polour Village or Polour Hut > Camp 2 Base.
In about one hour, strong cars such as 4WD Jeeps and land rovers take you to the 2nd Campsite, get rid of your heavy stuff here, hire porter and mule to carry your heavy gear to camp3 and start your trekking towards the 3rd campsite .
Note, this campsite is not suitable for use in summer, because it is too crowded and too dirty. See also Warning .

By 3 to 5 hours slow and steady walk you reach the Camp 3 Bargah, follow the foot paths and footprints, it is easy to find them in a clear day, if you start early morning you have enough time to reach the camp3 in time for better acclimatization and more rest. It is recommended to book in advance and Stay over night at Camp 3 New Hut.
Pack up and double check all your necessary things for tomorrow, before you go to sleep.

Tips for the starting day
- Use the day light only, never start at darkness.
- Good weather condition is essential.

Tehran To Mt Damavand Road Map
Tehran To Mount Damavand Road Map

Road Map Tehran To Damavand Mt.
Road Map Tehran To Mount Damavand

Day2 Summit and Return Day
How to to tackle the summit? The south route is not technical, it is just a long and tough trek with a moderate climbing slop, do not carry heavy stuff with yourself, you can leave them behind in New Hut or your tent , take only necessary things with you, in summer many climbers use this way, perhaps you could find a group which suits your speed, if you are not sure use a reliable mountain guide.

Wake up at 4 am, have a complete breakfast and drink few cups of coffe or tea, see the weather if it sounds good, start your ascend at 5 AM, use the proper foot tracks, throughout the course drink water frequently and eat some sweet or chocolate and biscuit, depending to your physical fitness it takes 5 to 7 hours to reach the top with a slow and steady trek.

Tips for the Summit Day
- Before the start, double check up all your necessary gears.
- See the weather forecast before you start.
- Take a short rest every hour during the way.
- Do not rest more than 5 minutes per break.
- Use the footprints, if you are not sure use a guide.
- Do not start at night, preferred starting time is 5 AM.
- Remember from camp3 upwards there is no water, food or shelter/refuge.

Food & Drink for the Summit Day
- Have a good breakfast plus tea or coffee.
- Eat some sweet, chocolate, cookie, biscuit, during the trek.
- Drink water frequently, you need at least 1.5 letters of water per person.

Important Note
Visit the Common Mistakes

Read more for climbing in related topics:
Danger Zone, GPS, Google Earth, Maps.

Return Back
After reaching the summit, do not waste too much time there, take few memorial photo and return back, it takes about 3 to 4 hours to descend down from summit to the camp. You may rest for an hour and have a lunch in the new hut. You have done the hard part of your ascend, if you feel ok try to go back to Base Camp and even to Tehran.

Mt. Damavand south route from Camp3 Bargah to the Summit
Mt Damavand south route from Camp3 Bargah to Summit, by MDG

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