Mt Damavand Hiking Trekking Footsteps
MDG shares its experience for Mt Damavand climbing with other climbers to enjoys their outdoor adventures. This topic features brief and easy hiking trial Guide for beginner or casual hikers.

Best Timing and Climate for Hiking and Trekking the mountain is late spring to summer, when the footsteps pop-up from snow, which you can tread in other climber footprints and follow the track.

June, July, August and September are recommended months, during these months, the footpaths are usually free of snow and the Weather is relatively mild, the hikes in this season is suggested for a variety of skill levels and the trails and routes through south route are suitable from grasslands to highlands.

Footsteps Mt. Damavand
Mt Damavand Footsteps
Photo by A. Soltani

If you intend for a multi-day hike or backpacking trips into the mountains or a short and easy walk in into the mountain wilderness, read detailed trail and road directions in Google Earth, GPS Landmarks and Maps which help hikers of all skill levels to explore on their own, from easy to moderate full day hikes into the mountain.

Climb Mt Damavand, How to Climb, Common Mistakes, Difficulty are the best hiking guides. Covering spectacular footsteps details from Camp 2 Base to the Summit , hikers of all levels will appreciate the detailed descriptions related to the south route.

For two decade we led hikes to Iran mountains, recreation and outdoor. With our guidance, many people have themselves become enthusiastic hikers, finding new places and enjoying the journey have always been important to us.

The new editions of articles are completely revised and updated, including full colour maps and photos, improving the outdoor experience for hiking enthusiasts around the world.

Map Damavand mt
Mount Damavand Map
By Mount Damavand Guide

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