Climbing Food for Mt Damavand - Part 2
As you gain altitude and reach the Camp3 Bargah Sevom, you may lose your apetite and hunger and food can become less tasty and sometimes you should force yourself to eat or drink something, the higher you go, the more difficult becomes eating.

Water boils at a lower temperature above 4000 metres, it means that food would take more time to cook, so do not use raw beans, lentils etc, because it would take too much time and fuel to cook them. Find ready foods as alternatives, try instant foods which require a few added minutes to cook, these food are easy to find in the markets. Check expiry-dates .

When deciding on what kind of climbing food you may consider:
- easy to carry.
- easy to cook, nutritious with quick cooking .
- enough calories and vitamins.

The more real food you eat at altitude the better your body will perform. Bring enough to eat, weight loss is a fact on Mt Damavand, at that altitude your metabolism rate go up by 10%, and typically you lose weight around 2-3 kgs, drink plenty of water.

If possible prepare your own food with ingredients that you can get from local supermarkets, it is a good idea to have some fresh food with you too, you need about 100g meat & cheese per day. Keep eating a normal volume of food, it is not a right time to diet! But avoid fat.

Carbohydrates are the main component in climbing food, reducing carbs before a climbing will cause your endurance to drop, fructose and glucose are simple sugars and easy to digest, and provide a good source of quick energy. Honey is an easy digest long-burning energy, it is mainly source of natural sugar, fructose, glucose, natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, pack as lightly as you can.

Garlic is very good for altitude adaptation, it makes blood thin, most climber eat garlic, but do not eat too much and do not be worry about the smell, because you’re on the Volcano Damavand and you will forget all about it soon when you reach the volcanic area and smell sulphur gas.

Mt. Damavand Climbing Food
Climbing Food for Mount Damavand Iran

Generaly speaking, it is a very good sign if you have a good appetite on Damavand Mountain and specially above 4000 m, it means you are quite well and away from AMS, but if you get mountain sickness, you will loss your appetite and you can not eat or drink.

On the Climb
You may eat Biskuites, sweet, nuts, energy bars, powder energy drinks, candy bars, sports bars and jelly, chocolate.

Bon appetit! Bread, honey, cheese, peanut butter, eggs, fried eggs, Jam, tea or coffe, fresh or dried milk.

Lunch and Dinner
Enjoy your meal! Bread, mashed potatoes, soups, dry soups, cereals, instant rice, noodles, macaroni, pasta, sardines, tuna, potatoes, eggs, vegetables, dry potatoes, pudding mixes, instant hot cereal, instant rice, dried fruits, dried meat, salami, cheese.

One Day Prior to the Summit Day
- do not eat too much at night.
- stop eating one our before you go to sleep.
- keep walking 15 minuts after you dinner.
- never eat fat food on the mountain.

On the Summit Day
- Before the kick off, have a good breakfast plus two or three cups of tea or coffee add sugar.
- During the way eat sweet, cookie , biscuit , chocolate, energy bar
- You need at least 1.5 letters of water.
- Always avoid food fats.

Not Recommended
These foods are not recommended few days before or during your climb.
- Butter
- Cream
- Fat foods
- Pizza
- Some nuts like pistachio
- Some processed cheese

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Mt Damavand poppy fields, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand Mountain poppy fields
Photo by A. Soltani

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