Drinking Water
Damavand Mountain provides breathtaking views and is among the best in the world for hiking & trekking in spring and summer, the peak is a very popular and well-traveled by hikers seeking green holidays, it attract many climbers and tourists each year.

What these people want from the mountain are space, silence, freedom and release from regulation. They don’t want to be told, don’t drink the water, don’t camp in the fields, hurry back to the city where it’s safe! these visitors need drinking water too.

The snow fall in winter is the main precipitation in the area which acts as a frozen reservoir for much of the year in different source of natural water such as springs, streams, rivers, lake and annual snowmelt.

But the question is “are these safe to drink untreated?”
You should make your own final judgments about the risk of drinking in the area, generaly speaking, the chance of falling off a cliff is much higher than getting sick by drinking ! Most pathogenic viruses can not survive in that harsh environment of the mountain.

damavand mountain
Mt Damavand Iran, Summer View
Photo by Anosh Soltani

The springs have natural fresh drinking water, clear and pure and moving in streams are safe with no disease or harm to human, so it is almost ok to drink fast-moving ! And water filtration or purification in most parts is not necessary.

Where to find water
You can obtain your drinking water from various sources in and around the area, there are tap and bottel water at Camp1 Polour and Camp1 Reyneh. Furthermore you may find flowing in summer on Camp2 Base and Camp3 Bargah Sevom, But in colder seasons, there is no flowing water in the area and you must melt the ice and snow.

Other Sources
- Lar Dam Lake, on the west route is one of the main reservoir of fresh water for the capital city of Tehran.
- Permanent steams which are the main source local population such as Polour Village, Reyneh and Larijan Towns.
- Talkhrood River, on the east route, ending in caspian Sea, it is not recommended for drinking.
- Other Sesonal rivers and streams.

But if you prefer to be totally safe:
1 – You can buy fresh bottle water for drinking purpose available in 1.5 liter bottles and also in other convenient sizes, with natural spring source, the best-tasting in the world are produced around this mountain. They are cheap and affordable but carrying them to the high camps is the main problem and you will use a geart energy if you cary them, so to save time and physical energy you may use porter and mule to carry them to Camp3 Bargah Sevom.

Damavand Mt. Winter view
Damavand Winter view
Photo by A. Soltani

Famous brands of bottled water in the area are:
- Polour Mineral Water, cool natural produced at the slope of this mountain.
- Damavand Mineral Water, is made in Cheshmeh Aalla of Damavand City about 20 Km far from Mt damavand, the city and its mineral botteld water has nothing to do with this mountain!
And some other brands are avalable in the area.

2- You can purify water, atleast for drinking purpose, but purified water will become tasteless after the process of purification.
Should you treat water to kill bacteria? This is your personal decision and depends on the risk you wish to take. We believe the risk is low and recommend it in two situations:
a- below cow and sheep pastures.
b- in slow flowing streams below heavily utilized campsites.

- Drink plenty of water
- Get your private water supply, use bottled,
- You need at least 2 letters of drinking water per day per person.

Water in streams below areas where sheep graze pose the greatest risk to hikers, the potential risk is the presence of pack animals that defecate directly into the water or manure may be swept into streams and rivers by summer storms and annual snowmelt. So don’t drink from seasonal streams/river between Base camp and the High Camp, and don’t camp where animals are grazing.

Mt Damavand poppy fields, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand Mount Poppy Fields
Photo by A. Soltani

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