Frozen Animals of Damavand
18 October 2012 Posted by Sherppa

When you ascend to Damavand summit you may see few bodies of different animals just around the crater near the south peak. These frozen animals are quite similar to Egyptian mummies but without any bandages! The remains have been there for a long time, perhaps for about 20 or 30 years.

Mt Damavand Dead Animals
Mount Damavend Frozen Animals

There is no clear idea about the cause of dead, perhaps they have died because of some disease, sulfur gas, hunger or frozen to dead due to freezing temperature. The bodies belongs to animals such as ordinary sheep, wild sheep (gazelle), dog and wolf. Due to the cold and freezing temp at the peak and also the sulfur gas in the area, these bodies will remain for many more years.
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Frozen Animals of Damawand

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