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Climbing, Hiking , Historical Tours Iran.
We organize a wide range of incoming tours for climbing, hikking, ecosystem, historical and caltural in Iran, outdoor tourism activity with excellent services and qualified teams to support groups and individuals in tailor made categories. We offer the best competitive quotations, let us know if need some info about your travel.

hiking tour iran
Hiking & Trekking Tours

Cave Tours
Iran is home of wonderful caves. Ali Sadr Cave is one the largest water caves in the world, offering the use of canoes to visit the most part of it.

- Ali Sadr Cave, ghar ali sadr, Hamedan.
- Katalekhor Cave, ghar katalekhor, Zanjan.
- Karafto Cave, ghar krafto, kordestan iran
- QuriQaleh, Quri Qaleh Cave, ghar ghuriqaleh, Kermanshan
- Sahoolan Cave, ghar sahoolan, mahabad
- Shapour cave, Tang e Chowgan,
ghar shapour, kazeroon, ancient cave carving,
- Vara Cave, ghar vara, Gahrom, Jahrom

Cultural and Historical Tours
Iran is the homeland of a world's great empires, and one of the most advanced civilization in the world in ancient times, with more than 10000 years of history and historical sites dating back to over 8000 years ago, it is the home of history and calture, the Achaemenid and the Sasanian Persian Empire, with several world heritage sites and excellent museums, many palaces, temples, residential buildings, gardens and architectural zones to help bring its rich past alive. A good trip for the history lovers.
Visit Persia's magnificent rich culture and historic sites of an ancient civilization, historical Iranian tourist attraction registered in the UNESCO List. World heritage sites in Iran, Caslte, City, Temple

- Anahita Temple Bishabour, Kazeroon
- Bam Kerman
- Bisotun kermanshah
- Bridges Isfahan
- Gonbad Soltaniyeh Zanjan
- Kashan historical sites
- Meidan e Shah esfahan
- Naseroldin Shah Palace, sharestanak
- Pasargadae Shiraz
- Persepolis Shiraz
- Prehistoric cave
- Shapour Cave, Kazeroon
- Takht e Soleyman Kermanshah
- Waterfalls Shushtar
- Yazd historical sites
- Zigorat Choghazanbil, Tchogha Zabnil Khosestan

Hiking & Trekking Tours
Visit natural beauties, sightseeing and landscapes of persia, Iran is paradise of natural attractions, forests, deserts, ecosystem, waterfall, lake and river.

- Canyon, Caves, hill, mountain, ski resort, valley,
- Island, lake, river, salt lake, swamp, waterfall, wetland
- Desert, ecosystem, forest, garden, jungle, nature, protected wildlife
- Bird watching, butterfly catching
- Nomadic and outdoor activity tours
- Thermal spring, minral hot water, spa
- Village, biological

Mount Climbing Tours
We also organize climbing tours to other Iran mountains in Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges
- Mount Alam koh 4850m, Kelardasht, Gilan Provice
- Mount Alvand, Hamedan, Hamedan Provice
- Mount Dena 4250m, Yasuj, kohgiloyeh va Boyerahmadi Provice
- Mount Oshteran, Doroud, Lorestan Provice
- Mt Sabalan 4820, Ardebil, Ardabil Provice
- Mount Shirkoh, Yazd, Yazd Provice
- Mount Tochal 3960m, Tehran
- Mount Zardkouh, Bakhtiyari Provine

Mount Damavand Tours
Specialist in Mount Damavand climbs, we had 24 consecutive climbs to Mt Damavand summit in 2007, it is the first rank in Damavand ascends record for a single year, we take many foreign teams and individuals climbers to the top each year, we share our experience to give you the best chance of success.
We organize regular private tailor made and shared tours for Mt Damavand. Our mountain guides are senior and most experienced ones, some have climed more than 100 times to the summit and are member of 100 Damavand Club, and memmber of Iran Mountain Federation.

Nomadic Iran Tour
Meet nomads tribes migration, moving in the mountains from one place to new homeland with their cattle, experience living with Iranian nomads.
- Qashqaei, Ghashghaei Nomads, Fars and Isfahan Provice
- Bakhtiari,Bakhtiyari, Kohgiloyeh va Boyer Ahmad, Charmahal Bakhtiyari Province
- Kurd, Kord, Kermanshah, kurdestan province
- Shah Savan, Azarbaijan, Ardabil Province
- Turkman, Torkman, Golestan Province

Other Tours
- Mountain Biking Tours
- Horseback Riding
- Adventure Tours

Rock Climbing Tours
There are some big climbing walls in Iran, Alam Koh wall about 800 meters is the hightest, starting at 4200m to the summit well known for foreign climbers.

Research Tours
Visit Iran fauna, flora and various specious of animals and plants, biological and geological zones, minerals and fossils, discovered by the scientific communities, eco-tour research.
- Fauna and flora
- Biological Geological, geographical,
- Minerals and fossils

Safari Desert Tours
Visit remarkable Iran salt lake deserts and caravansaries, gravel routes, running sands, absolute silence and peace, stars shining in desert dark sky night.

- Abar Kooh, abar Koh
- Ardakan,
- Caravansary
- Dasht e Lut, Kavir e lout
- Dasht e Kavir,
- Desert ecosystem of iran
- Desert safari
- Kavir national park
- Khoor and Biyabanek
- Maranjab Salt Lake Desert,
- Maranjab desert silk route
- Salt Lake Kashan

Silk Road and Camel Riding Tours
A major part of the Silk Road is located in Persia, in old ages many commercial caravans have passed this part of the persian silk road, visit iteresting remains of old caravansaries and water reservoirs , experince camel-riding and horse-riding. Silk Road, the old commercial trade road in the past ran across much of the world from China in Asia to Europe and Mediterranean Sea, transporting people, goods, foods , ideas and religions. This road was about 12,000 km long, and it was the main commercial link between the greatest anciant civilizations of the world, Persia, China, Mongolia, Indian, , Rom, Greece, Egypt, a part of this route was through anciant Persia or Iran.

- Camel Riding
- Caravansary, visit ancient caravansaries of the Persia, Yazd, Kashan, Isfahan, Tehran
- Silk Road

Ski, Snowboard and Ski Mountaineering Tours
Alborz and Zagros Mountains are the best ski zones in Iran, with mild skiable slopes for ski in winter or spring.
You may also ski on grass in summer in Dizin Ski Resort.

- Ab Ali ski resorts 2650m, piste
- Alam koh 4850m, Kelardasht, off-piste, wild ski
- Alvand, Hamedan, piste
- Damavand 5671m, off-piste and wild ski,
- Darbandsar ski resort 3150m, piste
- Dena 4250m, Yasuj, piste
- Dizin ski resort 3600m, piste, off-piste, wild ski
- Sabalan 4820, Ardebil, piste
- Shemshak 3050m, piste, off-piste, wild ski
- Tochal 3960m, Tehran, piste
- Yasuj, piste

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