09 January 2010


Quri Qaleh Cave
Caves of Iran, QuriQaleh
The majestic QuriQaleh Cave is 13 kilometers long and the longest water cave of Iran and the Middle East, it is a two level cave with huge calcite, stalactites, stalagmites and long corridors and passageway. Visitors are amazed by numerous rock formations and extraordinary stalactites, which can resemble any object, such as snakes, elephants, ships, bride, and Mary mother of Jesus.

Cave Quri Qaleh
QuriQaleh Cave, Kermanshah Iran
Photo by Abdolah Moradi

The visiting pathway includes two levels of the cave, the 550m long upper route with two chambers and some interesting parts such as a main hall, Wedding Hall or Bride Hall, in persian Talare Aroos, which is the most impressive part of, the Crystal Hall or Talare Bolour with cave lakes and bright, shining crystals and 4 stone waterfalls shapes each up to 10 to 12m high and stalagmites in the chamber up to 8m high and also, The Mary Hall and the Prayer Hall or Talare Namaz.

Ghar e Ghoori Ghaleh
Ghoory Ghaleh, Kermanshah Iran
Photo by Abdolah Moradi

The origin of the name is not quite clear, some say the original name was Goori Gabr, which means the 'grave of the non Muslims', and the other say it is a Turkish name meaning 'dry castle', but there is a nearby village with the same name called QuriQaleh, a colony of rare mouse ear bats are living inside.

A very cool tourist destination for foreign climbers who intend to climb Mt Damavand, besides climbing Damavnd the highest peak of the Middle East, it is a recommended target to visit the longest water cave of Middle East too.

Although no majore archaeological research have been made, but numerous historical objects have been found near the entrance of mostly by accident. The main objects found in the cave are:
- One human skull 800 years ago.
- Two vases filled with gold coins.
- One vase, a tablet from the Sassanid era (205-651 AD).
- 15 coins, from Yazd Gerd III, the last Sassanid kingdom.
- Remains from the Sassanid Period.
- Various clayworks from Prehistoric times.

Ghar e Quri Qaleh
Quri Qaleh, Kermanshah Iran
Photo by Abdolah Moradi

Quick Facts
13 kilometers long, water cave, Asia's longest cave
Ghoori Ghaleh, millions of years old, but undiscovered until recent decades.
Temp: 7 t0 11 deg C

Longest Caves in Iran
1- QuriQaleh 13 Km, watercave
2- Katalehkhor 12.8 Km
3- Alisadr, 11.5 km, water cave
4- Karafto 750 m,

The entrance was known to locals for ages, but they believed it was only a small cave and just a few meters deep, in 1950 a team of investigators explored the cave and discovered the magnificence of Ghoori Ghaleh, first 550m leading to a 55m deep shaft discovered, no other major discovery took place in the cave until 1989 which the main parts of the cave was excavated by an Iranian adventurer youg team,, they opened a path 3,140 m long into the heart of the cave.

- 1957 to 1984 American, British, and French speleologists explore 550m of cave.
- 1989 young Iranian adventurers excavate and explore further 1,340m.

Alternate names and spellings
QuriQaleh, Quri Qaleh, Ghar e Quri Qaleh, ,Ghar e Ghoori Ghaleh
Ghoory Ghaleh,
In Persian: غار قوری قلعه, غار قوریقلعه, غار آبي قوري قلعه

Major Caves in Iran
Alisadr Hamedan Iran, water cave.
Karafto , natural and historical cave.
Moon , Cave civilization.
Quri Qaleh Kermanshah.
Sahoolan Mahabad, pigeon cave, water cave
Shapour Kazeroon, statue king shapour the great.
Vara Jahrom , Temple.

Geographic Location and Coordinate
GPS Landmark for

How to go there
86 km on Kermanshah to Paveh road, Kermanshah Province, western Iran
25 Km to Ravansar City.

Cave of Ghoory Ghaleh
QuriQaleh , Kermanshah Iran
Photo by Abdolah Moradi

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