15 January 2010


Mt Damavand Difficulty and Climbing Grade
The difficulty of this giant 5671m volcano is similar to Mt Kilimanjaro 5892 m in Tanzania and Mt Everest Base Camp 5380 m in the Himalayan Mountains.

This mountain is well-known for its moderate climbing slops, ascend to this summit is not technical, but physically a moderate challenge in summer and very difficult in winter, climbers should be fit enough to try it in any season, the main challenge of ascend are acclimatization, timing and the weather.
The attempts to this peak should be done only in a correct timing and in a good weather otherwise it could be very risky and tough in a bad weather and off-season.

Mt Damavand Route Difficulty and Climbing Grade
Mt Damavand South Route Difficulty and Climbing Grade
By Mount Damavand Guide

Climbing Grade In Summer
South Route
Route type: Fundamental-basic mountaineering
Difficulty: Moderate walk-up, easy descend

West Route
Route type: Basic-simple mountaineering
Difficulty: Moderate walk-up (basic snow and cold ), difficult descend

North East Route
Route type: Moderate mountaineering
Difficulty: long and hard ascend, cold and wind , long descend.

North Face Route
Route type: Moderate mountaineering, scramble, steep
Difficulty: The most difficult side, hard ascend, depending on season,
cold,windy, snow and Ice , difficult descend.

Some of climbers who ascend to the top from West, North East, or North Face prefer to descent from south route because of its easy descend footpaths !!

South Route Map Damavand
Damavand South Route Map
By Mount Damavand Guide

South Route Climbing Grade in Different Systems
Note: These grades are MDG opinion and regardless of the system used, they are approximation only, there are differences between grading in different climbing routes.

Difficulty: F, YDS class 2 (and sulphur gas above 5400 m)

USA: 5.3
Australia: 11
France: 2

YDS Grade: Grade V, two day climb Classes 2 and 3
Adjectival grade: Moderate (M, or "Mod")
French Alpine: PD: peu difficile (not very difficult)
New Zealand: Grade 1, Easy scramble. Use of rope generally only for glacier travel.
Alaska Grade: Grade 2 Either a moderate fifth-class one-day climb, or a straightforward multiday nontechnical climb.
See also definition for Climbing Grade in Wikipedia.

Hiking & trekking Mt Damavand
Hiking & Trekking Mt Damavand Above Clouds
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

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