11 February 2010


Climbing Food for Mt Damavand - Part 1
Climbing high altitude such as Mount Damavand is a physical challenge and can be very exhausting, you should be mentally and physically ready for such a tough climb, the body will became exhausted as you gradually go up, you may help yourself by replenishment of the lost energy by eating and drinking proper food and fluids while climbing.

In a single climbing day you may burn up to 6K calories, it is more than you can compensate at the time. It is common to loss weight at an altitude like this mountain, almost all climber who have climbed Mt Damavand say that they have lost some weight, about 2 to 3 Kgs.

By eating proper food with the right amount of nutrients needed and easy to get down, will help your body to recover and get ready for the next days and therefore ideal as climbing food during you expedition, easy to carry foods to last you a day with enough calories and vitamins, but may not be suited to your taste.

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it is suggested to try out different foods before you go to a high altitude mountain, it is no good packing something you have never tried before, maybe you will not like it, and taste it in advance becouse if you don’t like it at home, you won’t like it on the mountain too, bring foods you enjoy.

Down before you start your trekking, fresh food is usually found everywhere, in the restaurant, hotel, supermarkets and local shops, make the most of these food to compensate the lost energy by eating properly before and after the climb.

All Useful foods
The following is general guidelines for all useful climbing food for any high mountain, you may bring different kinds of food for high camps and on the climbs, the food should be easy to carry and should contain carbohydrate, proteine, mineral and vitamins to give you enough calories, but may not be suited to your taste, rememmber avoid fat.

- bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, pasta casseroles, macaroni.
- fruits, dried fruits, raw carrots, vegetables.
- soups, instant soups, tortellini, cereals and oatmeal.
- cheese, tubed chease, peanut butter, jam, honey, eggs, boiled eggs.
- tinned meals, dried cheese & ham, tinned ham, hard salami, canned tuna, salmon and sardines.
- sweets, hot chocolate powder, milk powder, coffee and tea, chocolate, marzipan, snacks, candy,chocolate, candy bars, nuts, crackers, sports bars and sports Jelly,

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Mt Damavand Climbing Food
Mount Damavand Climbing Food

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