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Frequently Asked Questions Damavand

Q- please be so kind to advise me about the technical part and how hard is the climb...
A- Mount Damavand south face is not a technical routh in summer, as far as you are fit enough and know ordinary climbing, have ordinary equipments and listen to your guide advices, you have the chance of success.

Q- We are not experienced climbers but we are in good physical conditions. Do you think that is a problem?
A- We are glad to share our experience with newcomers, a good physical conditions is great. Climb to the top of always starts with the first step !!

Q- how many days are required to climb?
A- In summer condition 2 to 4 days climb is usually enough, but in other season and condition you need more.

Q- how long is the duration of round trip?
A- 2 to 4 days.

Q- I was thinking to make the trip in 3 to 4 days, starting on … from Tehran. Does that sound possible?
A- Yes that sounds good .

Q- I am making plans to come mid-October. How many days do I need to climb ?
A- Depends to the weather, at this time of the year usually takes 3 to 4 days.

Q- What route are we taking to the summit and what techniques does it require? Do we need crampons and ice axes? or is it merely a tough and long trek?
A- South route, ordinary climbing and trekking, you don not need crampons and ice axes in summer.

Mt Damavand Summit 5671m
Last Step to Damavand Summit 5671m
Photo by Yaser Qodsi

Cost and Price
There are too many questions about the cost and price, we are not able to give a prcise reply without having complete info about your trip.

Q- We would of course like to know a little about the prices.
A- Your timing and itinerary determines the price and cost of your trip, it is recommended to clarify in what season you decide ascending, fix your programme, choose your itinerary, and let us know more details such as arrival day, number of clombers in your group and logistic you need so we can give you the best possible services and discuss the price.

some sample:
Q- How much will the guided trip cost?
Q- how much is the costs per group or per person
Q- How much will it cost for 2 people to go to the top as a private group?
Q- What is the cost From Tehran to Damavand Mount, back to Tehran ? everything included.

Q- Does it affect (the per person) price if the number of participant in a group decreases?
A- Yes, any change in number of the group or itinerary will affect the price.

Q- how much will it be for a shared group?
A- Visit Event Calendar and then Contact us.

Q- How much does it cost to hire a porter.
A- It depend to the season, amount of snow and the route conditinon,

Q- How much does it cost to hire a guide.
A- Low in summer, high in winter and off season.

Q- What would the cost be for transport from Teheran airport straight to camp 1 ?
A- please let us know the exact number of your team, so we can give you the best possible services and price.

Q- What are your fees/costs? Can you please give a breakdown of visa, supplies, porter service, transportation, and guide separately?
A- Please let me know the exact number of your team, arrival day, itinerary and logistic you need so I can give you the best possible services and price. It is recommended that you first fix you programme, so we can discuss the details later.

Q- Please tell me the price if we bring our tents. I mean: transport + stay in the camps?
A- In a full package tour the price is for everthing you may bring your tent if you like, it does not effect the price.

Q- Please also let us know how much you would charge for airport pickup and transport to Polour.
A- Depends to the number of your group and you arrival date and time.

Q-What is the cost for a guide up the mountain?
A- Price for a high skilled experienced English speaking guide vary in different seasons.

Q- Do you also know how much it costs to rent a tent on location? It could be cheaper than camps.
A- While there are so good camps and huts in the area why do you need tents in none crowded season?

Q- Could you tell me the prices (hiring sticks, sleeping bag and tent)?
A- Resonable price!

Q- What are the most crowded days for Mt Damavand in summer?
A- Most crowded days are Iranian weekend,Thursday and Friday, and holidays, best days to be away from the crowds in summer are Iranian midweek. See also Crowd.

Q- Can I use ATM system and my credit card in Iran?
A- No, due to boycott of Iranian banks, you can not use ATM system and your credit card, it means, no credit cards, no travellers cheques. Cash Only.

Q- Shall I bring US dollars with me or Euro. Which is best ?
A- Both are ok, but Euro if preferred in Iran.

Q- can I pay in US dollars in Iran?
A- Yes, but Euro is preferred.

Q- Is the money/ currency of Saudi (Saudi riyals) easily accepted there?
A- No, only Euro, USD and Iranian Rials.

Q- In what currency Can we pay the mountain permit ?
A- Euro, USD and Iranian Rials.

Q- can the transfer driver speak English from IKA Airport to Tehran?
A- Yes, if you request for English speaking driver too.

Equipment and Gear
Equipment Necessary
Q- Are crampons still necessary in winter?
A- Yes.

Q- is it necessary to take a harness in winter?
A- you may bring in case you need it.

Q- is it necessary to take a plastic boots or is sufficient to have a boots for the glacial?
A- Ordinay mountain boot is sufficient in summer.

Q- Do we need crampon and ice-axe in winter? Maybe trekking stiks will be enought? Please - advice me! You know it better.
A- Yes, see also winter equipment.

Q- kindly be informed that we are all well prepared with the required equipments.
A- See also required Equipment List.

Q- any suggestions about clothing?
A- Have enough warm clothing , see also Equipment .

Q- Do you think we will need ice axe and crampons fro Feb ? We are planning to bring it.
A- Please bring all necessary equipments.

Q- what sort of stove fuel is available in Iran? (and what is the common stoves used)
A- Almost all kind of fuel you can find In Iran. The most common one is Butane Gas Stove.

Q- We will have personal equipment, all of us will have trekking shoes and clothes,
A- Ok , that sounds quite good.

Q- Do we need crampons, ice-axes and rope to climb the south route in the end of june?
A- No you do not need those , the route is ok in June.

Q- How much "logistics" do you think we need? I expect that we bring sleeping bags and all hiking gear with us. We may bring food for 3 days as well as a stove.
A- I believe you have the necessary logistics with you.

Q- What special equipment we would need for the climb in summer.
A- No special equipment is neccesary at this time of the year, only ordinary mount climbing equipments is enough.

Q- I don't see cramp and ice axe in the equipment list, does it mean it is useless?
A- You do not need those equipments in summer season, just ordinary tools are enough.

Q-Do I need double plastic boots in Oct. ?
A- depends to the weather and the footpath condition, usually you do not need it at this time of the year, but if you have one, take it with you, we decide it on the last day before the climb.

Q- What other gear must I bring for an October climb?
A- The same as Ararat ! ( the client comes from Ararat ).

Q- I have to decide whether or not to bring crampons with me... is there any chance I may need crampons middle of October?
A-In less than 10% of the climbs you may need it. But you may bring it with you. We can decide on the last day before the climb.

Equipment Buy/Rent
Q- Does Tehran have a number of outfitters that carry necessary gear so I might buy these things on arrival?
A- Yes you can find all your needs in Tehran, you just need one (or two) extra day(s) for shopping in Tehran.

Q- Do you know if it is possible to buy gas catrige in Tehran/Polour?
A- Yes, you may buy it in Tehran and Polour Camp.

Q- I also wonder if there is a possibility to rent some gears like tent,mat.
A- Yes, no problem in summer.

Q- Do you know where can I buy gas bottle in Iran ?
A- There are many sport shops in this area: Vali Asr Ave., Near Moniriyeh Sq. Tehran. But if you use huts you may not need those because you may find cooking equipments!

Q- Is it possible to rent ice axes in the area?
A- No, I don`t think so.

Q- can we hire a small gas cooker as well from you?
A- Yes , no problem.

Q- Can you help us in renting or selling a gas-stove (As I've heard the european style
gas-stoves does'nt work)
A- We may supply you gas-stoves or gas cartridge.

Q- Is it possible to buy fuel to multifuel burners (primus) there ?
A- Yes fuel ( benzine )is easy to find anywhere in Iran .

Q- how to buy some basic logistics support in Iran ?
A-You can find any thing you need in Tehran.

Q- is it possible to buy water and some food in Polour?
A- Yes you can buy water and some food there .But if you need some special food, Tehran is recommended.

Q- Is it possible to buy the sleeping bag in Iran or should i bring my own?
A- Depends to you , you can also buy in Tehran ?

Q- is there always enough equipment for rent in July (tent and sleeping bag?)
A- No , some days in july it is so crowded that you can not find these equipments. So it is recommended that you book (reserve) them in advance or bring your owns .

Q- Where can we find Sleeping pads, etc..A tent?
A- you can hire (rent) at Bargahe Sevom in summer.

Q- Can you tell me if I can rent equipment anywhere...only a sleeping bag and a tent...?
A- usually in summer you can rent these equipments in Pargahe Sevom ( 4220m ).

Q- We will only need camping equipment.
A- We will support you, no problem.

Q- Can you supply trekking poles or ice axe if needed? do I need to bring crampons?
A- Yes we can supply trekking pole and ice axe ,Depends to the weather , usually we wont need ice axe and crampons ?

Mt Damavand Popularity and Crowd
Mt Damavand Popularity and Crowd, Location Damavand Base Camp
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

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