When to Climb Mt. Damavand Iran?
Summer is best climbing time, in this season climate is relatively mild and footpaths are usually free of snow and you can follow the tracks, also access by public transportation to the starting points is easy. Climbers with ordinary climbing skills are strongly advised to try the mountain during this season only.

Best Climbing Time
June, July and August are the best climbing months for climbers to tackle the mountain, when there is usually little snow on the mountain, the preferred starting days are Saturday to Monday in Iranian midweek. Note weekend are Thursday and Friday in Iran.

Summer Season Disadvantages
The mountain shelters/refuges and huts are crowded during the school vacations in summer which is between 20 June to 23 Sep and the peak of crowd is about 6 August. To prevent any inconvenience regarding accommodation in shelters, use your own tent or book private rooms in Camp 3 New Hut in advance.

Mt Demavand South Route beginning of climbing season
Mt. Damavand South Route beginning of climbing season

When Not to Climb the Mountain?!
- Off Season
Damavand shelters are open through the entire year, but only experienced climbers who want to avoid the crowd, may consider the off season ascends, because from October to mid May climbing to this peak is risky due to extreme bad weather which the temperatures drops to far below zero at night and other risks.

- Iranian holidays and weekends
Due to crowd problem, you are advised to avoid climbing in Iranian holidays and weekends in summer, and also specially in Iranian new year holidays which is between 21 March to 2 April, during this time it is difficult to find public transport and the road traffic to the area is in the worst possible condition.
See also Crowds.

South Route Mount Damawand Iran
Damavand South Route Campsite3 to summit

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