Damavand Crater
17 November 2012 Posted by Sherppa

The highest volcano in the Asia and the second highest in Northern hemisphere is Damavand. It is situated in the middle of Alborz Mountains in Iran. This giant dormant volcano was formed during the Holocene geologic epoch and its last eruption was about 6-10 thousands years ago.

This young volcano is almost a symmetrical cone shape composite stratovolcano and has a large crater whit a diameter about 200 - 400 meters across.
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Mt Damavand Dead Animals
Mount Damavend Crater

The crater is made of nearly pure sulphur and yellow rocks which surrounds the peak. The crater is approx 30m deep mostly covered by snow and ice and forms a small permanent glacier.

The altitude of Damawand is 5671 meters. Read also Damavand v Kunlun (in Tibet 7,167 m).

There is big vent closed to the crater exhaling an awesome amount of sulphuric gas, volcanic smoke and hot steam with pestiferous smell which makes problem for climbers. It is not safe to go near this poisonous sulphuric area because if the wind changes its direction you would be in serious problem.

Elevation Location and Coordinate of Summit Crater
Altitude 5,671 m, (GPS measurement 5645 m)
Latitude 35 57 19 N
Longitude 52 06 37 E
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Damavend Volcano Smoking Sulphuric Gas
Damavend Volcano Smoking Sulphuric Gas

Damavand Volcano Crater
Volcano Damavend Crater

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