Hiking Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

 Hiking & Trekking Damavand Mountain

Mount Damavand is the most noteworthy summit in Iran and the most elevated well of lava in all Asia. This monster 5,671 meters above sea level’ fountain of liquid magma is arranged in the focal piece of the Alborz Mountain Range in the south shoreline of the Caspian Sea north-east of Tehran, Iran. Damavand Mountain is an ideal cone-shape fountain of liquid magma; it has a restricted crest with snowcap. Damavand is encompassed by numerous lovely pinnacles of the Alburz Mountain Chain, for example, Doberar Mountain.

Trek Damavand Iran

Numerous climbers have longed for remaining on the pinnacle of Damavand, a monster (18,606 feet) high mountain, the most noteworthy summit in Iran. Presently it is an ideal opportunity to give your fantasies a chance to work out. We have a group of the most experienced Iranian mountain guides who are principally concentrated on Mount Damawand Iran. Many mountaineering gatherings, people and visit organizations utilize our controlling helps every year.

The frigid pinnacle of Demavand with its standard cloud tops is a standout amongst the most wonderful sight of Iran.There is no recorded memorable emissions on Demawand Volcano so that is the reason a few people trust it is a quiet spring of gushing lava. In any case, Volcano Damāwand is considered as a conceivably dynamic torpid well of lava as it has fumaroles and sulfur gas turning out close to the cavity.

Access Road and Trails to Damavand Peak

To achieve the damavand beginning stage, first camp, which is additionally called the base of Iran hiking alliance, you can ride to Poloor town through Haraz Road. Haraz street or street N 77, alongside street No 59 (Karaj-Chalous), are the most significant streets which associate capital Tehran to Mazandaran area. Haraz Road is additionally the best way to Damawand Mountains. Haraz street is a standout amongst the most excellent and memorable streets in Iran, chosen by the Iranian individuals in 2010, as the loveliest road in Iran. This street is the briefest course among Tehran and Amol city.

Footpaths and Tracks to Damavand Summit

Mount Damawand has sixteen routes. Four of these ways are well known for trekking and climbing. The four basic courses are South, West, North and the North-East course. Every one of these Damawand trails have an asylum/shelter at around 4000 meters' elevation. The North face has an additional haven at about 5000m. The South face is the most well-known side of the mountain, with a superb new mountain resort at 4250m. Most mountain climbers want to move from the exemplary South course. Source

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Mt Damavand Info

The Beautiful Mount Damavand
On a crisp morning, the snow-covered pinnacle of Mount Damavand can be found out yonder from the Iranian capital Tehran. This snow secured crest is as renowned and all around cherished by the general population of Iran as is Fujiyama by the Japanese. It is quickly clear from its precarious sided cone shaped shape this isn't just a tall mountain. Mount Damavand is a fountain of liquid magma.

Mount Damavand Iran
 Mount Damavand Iran

Where is Mt Damavand?
It is situated around 70 km north-east of the city in the Eastern side of the Lar National Park where it towers over the encompassing area. See likewise Damavand Mountain Location Map

Mt. Damavand Summit and Elevation
Everything about Mount Damavand fits in consummately with the vast majority's concept of a run of the mill well of lava. It has a rise of 5,670 masl and its summit demonstrates a little curved hole. It is the most elevated point in the center east and the most astounding spring of gushing lava in Asia.

How Was Damavand Mountain Formed?
Mount Damavand is actually depicted similar to a strato-spring of gushing lava implying that it is developed from layers of volcanic shake. It remains in a region which has recently been volcanically dynamic and it ascends from the southern edge of a 9 km wide caldera. A caldera is a huge cavity framed when a spring of gushing lava falls into itself.

Is Mount Damavand an Active Volcano?
As far as volcanology, there is no such thing as an idle fountain of liquid magma however some eject more often than others. There are absolutely no verifiable records of Damavand emitting and logical proof demonstrates that its last emission happened in roughly 5300 BC. There could be a compulsion to portray it as a lethargic spring of gushing lava yet the summit of Mount Damavand emits spurts of hot sulfurous gases known as fumaroles and at lower levels, hot springs develop demonstrating volcanic action genuinely near the surface. As opposed to being torpid, Damavand could maybe be better portrayed as resting.

Mount Damavand Myths and Legends
Mount Damavand includes generally as an image of the Iranian country and it even shows up on a portion of the nation's money. It is said to be the spot from which an enchantment bolt was terminated to stamp the nation's limit and, in Persian folklore, it is said to house a three headed winged serpent which will stay there until the apocalypse.

Visiting Damavand Volcano
Iran does even now not highlight on the real visitor map but rather this critical mountain creates a lot of enthusiasm from the ascending network. Specifically, the test of climbing every landmass' most elevated spring of gushing lava guarantees that there is no lack of potential climbers hoping to overcome this pinnacle. Visitadditionally Mount Damavand Routes.

Climbing Mount Damavand Iran
For remote climbers wishing to make this rising, the most ideal route is to make plans through one of the visit administrators represent considerable authority in mountaineering. They can make the majority of the fundamental plans including the authorizations to ascend the mountain. By climbing benchmarks, this ascension requires no uncommon aptitudes or capacities other than a decent dimension of wellness and some height acclimatization. There are a few distinct courses to the summit yet the southern face is the most prominent and presumably the least demanding. Doormen and conceivably pack-donkeys are accessible to help with burden hauling and the southern course right now includes two hovels at 3000 m and 42000 m. Climbers who have caused the rising to have detailed that the last 300 m are the most troublesome and sulfurous gasses regularly can't be stayed away from yet the view from the summit is just amazing. Mount Damavand is positively one of the world's most excellent volcanoes.

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Mt Damavand High Camp

The highest mountain resort on the south route of Damavand is called the Camp Three Bargah Sevom, the third camp or simply Bargah. In this area there are two safe places for overnight and accommodation and some tenting and camping places at altitude of 4200 meters above the sea. Damavand Old Shelter at 4220 m is the oldest shelter and Damawand New Hut at 4250 m, is the newest resort in this area.

Mt Damavand Old Shelter and the New Hut
Mt Damavand Old Shelter and the New Hut

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Mount Damavand Base Camp

The second campsite of Damavand is located at altitude 3040 meters above sea level. It has various names such as Camp 2, Base Camp, Goosfand Sara and Mosque. Damavand Base Camp is the summer starting point for the south route. In this area there is a small shelter, a mosque (called Saheb Al Zaman Mosque) and a sheepfold (called Goosfand Sara ye Ehsan). Unfortunately Goosfand Sara is not an ideal place for camping and tenting in summer season because it is too crowded, very noisy and dirty.

Mount Damavand Base Camp
Mount Damavand Base Camp 3040 masl

Damavand camps, shelter and hut. Camp1 Reineh City. Camp2 Base Goosfand Sara. Camp3 Bargah Refuge. Damawand southe route Camps - Camp 2 Base Shelter/Refuge and Iran Mountain and Sport Climbing Federation campsites and resorts. Useful links  Damavand Tour. Ski touring and snowboard expedition tour. Iran hiking trekking and adventure tour operator. Skitour to Alborz and Zagros Mountains. Iran Mountaineering, Sport Climbing Federation, campsites and resorts. Camp3 New Hut. Base Camp Shelter. Bargah Sevom Shelter. First camp, second camp, last camp. Damavand Photo. Damavand Campsite, Base Camp, Base Shelter.

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Damavand Accommodation

For a safe trek to any mountain is necessary to find the best places for accommodation and use the best camping sites in the area. If you want to trek Damavand from the south route the following area are suitable for camping and overnight. Damavand Camp 1 Polour Hut for the low camp and Damavand Camp 3 New Hut for the high camp.

Damavand Camp 1 Polour Hut
Damavand Camp 1 Polour Hut 2250 masl

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Damavand Acclimatization

In summer trekking to Damavand  is not difficult in technical terms. But physically it is a hard climb. The main difficulties are Damavand Weather, sulfur smokes and the acclimatization. The air gets thinner with less oxygen as you gain altitude. To increase the chance of success and lower the risk of AMS and to enjoy a safe hike to this giant volcano it is necessary to have a proper acclimatization for this mountain. The best campsites to acclimatize for those who intend to trek from south route are Camp 1 Polour Hut at 2250 m and Camp3 Bargah New Hut at 4250 m.

Mount Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut
Mount Damavand
Camp3 Bargah Sevom New Hut 4250 masl

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Difficulty of Damavand Mountain

Volcano Damavand is well-known for its mild trekking ridges. Ascending this 5671 meters (18,605 feet) gigantic volcano is technically moderate but physically it is a tough ascend and requires a very good physical fitness. The major trekking difficulties are Damavand Weather, acclimatization and the sulfur smokes. Challenging Damavand in summer is similar to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt Everest Base Camp. But Damavand Winter Climb is a quite different story, it is very difficult and may be compared to 7000 meters summits or higher.

Damavand Difficulty
Damavand Difficulty

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