18 November 2023

Damavand Trekking Tour

 Experience an Unforgettable Damavand Trekking Tour

If the idea of trekking Mount Damavand in Iran has always been a dream of yours, now is the perfect time to transform that dream into reality by joining a Damavand trekking tour. Stay tuned for more details as we work together to arrange a comprehensive Mount Damavand tour package, ensuring that all details are meticulously organized.

Your Premier Choice for Damavand Tours in Iran

We proudly stand as one of Tehran's leading Damavand tour companies, specializing in both Damavand mountaineering and ski touring. Our premium hiking expeditions cover a range of Iranian mountains, with a special focus on the majestic Damavand Mountain, offering opportunities for both climbing and ski tours. Whether you're a seasoned winter trekker or a novice seeking summer adventures, our diverse trip programs cater to enthusiasts of all levels. Each year, a multitude of solo trekkers, climbing groups, and tour operators benefit from the expertise of our highly skilled Damavand tour guides in Tehran. Damavand Guide serves as your ultimate resource for exceptional services for incoming groups.

Highlights of Our Damavand Tours

Marvel at the distinctive conical shape of Damavand Volcano and its volcanic crater.

Admire the breathtaking Abshar Yakhi, a beautiful icefall located around 5,100 meters.

Discover that Damavand ranks as the second-highest volcano in the northern hemisphere, reaching an impressive height of 5,670 meters.

Experience the grandeur of Mount Damavand, renowned as the roof of Iran and the Middle East, standing as the tallest peak in the entire region.

Types of Damavand Climbing Tours

We offer three distinct categories of trekking excursions to Damavand, Iran's highest peak:

I- Damavand VIP Private Tours (all seasons, trekking & ski touring).

II- Damavand Economy Tours (summer - trekking).

III- Damavand Group Tours (summer - trekking).

I- Damavand Private Tour

This is a highly recommended fully customized VIP tour package for foreign climbers and mountain enthusiasts visiting Iran. It is extremely flexible in terms of timing, itinerary, services, assistance with Iran visa authorization codes, and other logistics to best suit your schedule. With this tour package, you can maximize your experience with a specially tailored journey, including a Damavand climbing tour, a tour of Iran's top attractions, and all necessary services for your trip to Iran.

II- Damavand Economy Tour

Designed for lone climbers looking for a cost-effective option, this group excursion allows participants to share travel expenses with fellow mountaineers. While it may not offer a comprehensive package and is less flexible regarding time and itinerary, the shared tour provides essential services for a Damavand trekking adventure. It enables solo climbers to join forces with mountaineers from other nations and ascend together while minimizing costs.

III- Damavand Group Tours

Exclusively organized for climbing teams and mountaineering groups, this tour is not recommended for solo climbers. We support mountaineering organizations and all foreign trekking groups interested in trekking Damavand Peak with the best possible services. Detailed information about services, schedules, and prices can be found on our website.

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Mount Damavand Expedition Itinerary
Embark on a personalized Mount Damavand trekking adventure with our tailored private mountaineering itinerary. Our Damavand private mountaineering trips are entirely adaptable, catering to both incoming tours and international mountaineers. Crafted to provide a memorable experience tailored to your preferences, our popular 5-day Damavand itinerary is perfect for a rejuvenating summer escape along the scenic south route. Keep in mind that the presented itinerary is a sample; departure city, duration, and other details can be customized to suit your preferences. Feel free to tailor this package to meet your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to add an extra day for better acclimatization or to accommodate unexpected weather conditions. Your adventure, your way – that's the essence of our Damavand private mountaineering trips.

Damavand 5-Day Itinerary: South Route
Day 1: Arrival and Transfer to Camp 1 - Polour. Upon arrival, meet our team and transfer to Camp 1 in Polour to settle in and prepare for the exciting adventure ahead.

Day 2: Journey to Camp 2 - Base, then to Camp 3 - Bargah. Embark on a drive to Camp 2 - Base, marking the beginning of the ascent. Continue on to Camp 3 - Bargah for a well-deserved rest.

Day 3: Acclimatization Day. Take a day to acclimate to the altitude. Venture higher than Camp 3 to allow your body to adjust to the changing conditions.

Day 4: Summit Ascent and Descent to Camp 3. Embark on the ascent to the peak of Damavand, followed by a rewarding descent back to Camp 3 at Bargah.

Day 5: Descent to Camp 2 - Base and Return to Tehran. Descend to Camp 2 - Base and conclude your exhilarating journey. Transfer back to Tehran, cherishing the memories made.

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Damavand through this thoughtfully designed 5-day itinerary along the captivating South Route.

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03 September 2023

Damavand Tour

Damavand Trekking Tours
 Going on a Mount Damavand Trekking Tour means you'll be guided on a journey to the tallest mountain in Iran. This mountain is also the third tallest volcano among the seven highest volcanoes in the world. It's a massive volcano that reaches 5,670 meters or 18,600 feet in height. While it's not as famous as some other peaks, it's becoming more popular for trekking and skiing. It's actually one of the easiest of the seven highest volcanoes to get to.

Mount Damavand Trekking Tour
Uncover Iran's Culture and History on the Damavand Trek

The Damavand trekking adventure tour transcends mere hiking; it offers a chance to immerse yourself in Iran's rich history and vibrant culture. As you trek, you'll journey through picturesque villages and towns, engage with welcoming locals, witness their way of life, and indulge in delectable Persian cuisine. Along the route, you'll encounter significant landmarks such as Polour Village, the campsite, and possibly the captivating Larijan hot springs.

When you join the Damavand climbing tour, you can select the type of tour that aligns with your preferences – be it a private, economical, or group tour. This ensures the guidance of experienced Damavand guides equipped with in-depth knowledge of the region, leading you to the most captivating spots. The duration of these tours typically spans three to five days, contingent on the trail's difficulty and your group's fitness level. Throughout the expedition, accommodations may range from guesthouses to the special Damavand Camp, igloos, or tents.

Going on a trek to Damavand is one of the quickest ways to climb to 5,600 meters in the world. The first campsite at Damavand is about a two-hour drive from Tehran's international airport. From there, you can easily reach the summit and see the amazing views, landmarks, and natural beauty of this famous mountain. If you need any other services in Iran, like tickets for travel within the country or international trips, or if you're interested in cultural and historical tours, you can contact the Damavand tour company.

Mount Damavand Hiking Adventure

Optimal Timing for Mount Damavand Hiking Expedition

For an incredible Mount Damavand hiking experience, the prime period is from June to September. During these months, the weather around Damavand is generally pleasant, featuring clear skies and moderate temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. However, it's important to note that Damavand's weather can be unpredictable, so it's wise to be prepared for varying conditions.

The Damavand mountaineering tour is truly unparalleled – an experience that will stay with you forever. This journey allows you to immerse yourself in Iran's breathtaking nature, rich culture, and fascinating history. The challenging trails and breathtaking vistas make it a must-try for both hikers and adventurers.

Highlights of the Damavand Trekking Tour include:
The mountain has a conical shape and a volcanic crater at the top.
- There's a beautiful icy waterfall called Abshar Yakhi on Damavand, located at around 5,100 meters.
- Damavand is the second tallest volcano in the northern half of the Earth.
- It's often called the "roof of Iran" and the highest point in the Middle East.

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26 April 2023

Damavand Hiking Tour Types

Damavand Hiking & Trekking Tour Types
The Damavand Guide company arranges Mount Damavand hiking & trekking tours for climbing on Mount Damavand, Iran and offers a range of hiking and trekking options, including packages for climbing and skiing on the mountain. They cater to all levels of difficulty, from beginner hikers to experienced mountaineers, and have a skilled team of tour guides who provide assistance to individuals, climbing groups, and tour operators throughout the year.

The Damavand Guide company is committed to providing high-quality services to groups and mountaineering teams. The Damavand trekking tour is a guided package that takes climbers to the highest peak in Iran, which is the third-highest among the volcanic seven summits (V7S) in the world. This mountain, which stands at 5670 meters or 18,600 feet, is becoming increasingly popular for trekking and skiing tours. Damavand is known to be one of the easiest mountains to access among the seven summits of volcanoes.

Damavand Tour Types
Our trekking expeditions to Damavand fall into 3 categories:
1- Damavand VIP Private Tours (all seasons – trekking & ski touring).
2- Damavand Economy Tours (summer - trekking).
3- Damavand Group Tours (summer - trekking).

1- Damavand VIP Private Tour
The Damavand VIP Private Tour is a bespoke and high-end travel package designed for foreign mountain climbers who intend to visit Iran. The itinerary can be customized to suit your preferences and includes all the essential services needed for the trip, such as a Damavand trekking tour and a tour of Iran's top attractions.

2- Damavand Economy Tour
The Damavand Economy Tour is an ideal tour option for individual climbers who have a tight budget and prefer to share travel expenses with other mountaineers. Although the itinerary and schedule are not as flexible, it provides all the essential services required for a Damavand trekking tour.

3- Damavand Group Tour
The Damavand Group Tour is designed for trekking teams and mountaineering groups, and it's not recommended for solo trekkers. We provide the best possible services to support climbing organizations and all foreign trekking groups interested in climbing Damavand. Detailed information about services, schedules, and prices is available on our website.

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03 April 2023

Damavand Tour

Damavand Trekking Tour
Mount Damavand guide trekking tours are defined as excursions that entail hiking or trekking across the challenging slopes of Damavand, through its many routes, and to its summit. The Damavand tour takes place in remote areas and can range in length and difficulty from brief day hikes to multi-day trekking expeditions. Those who enjoy physical challenges, the great outdoors, and adventure enjoy the guided climbing and trekking tour packages of Mount Damavand, Iran.

Mount Damavand Trekking Tour
Best Damavand guided trekking tours

 Damavand tours offer the ability to see some of the world's most breathtaking natural landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, alpine meadows, and glacier-fed lakes. Before beginning trekking up the Damavand mountain, it's essential to prepare physically because the terrain can be challenging and the weather can be unpredictable. The proper equipment, such as reliable hiking boots, cosy clothing, and a bag pack you can rely on, is also essential.

For those intrigued by Mount Damavand's hiking and trekking tours, the Damavand tour offers a wealth of additional information. Dive into the details to better plan your upcoming adventure. From route options to trail difficulty, this resource equips you with the knowledge to make informed choices. Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Mount Damavand and get ready for an unforgettable experience. Explore the website to gather insights into the trails, landscapes, and everything else you need for a successful trekking journey. Don't miss out on this opportunity to prepare yourself for an incredible escapade in the mountains.

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28 March 2023

Damavand Tours

 Mount Damavand Tours
What distinguishes hiking, trekking, backpacking, and mountaineering in Damavand?
All Mount Damavand toursmountaineering, hiking, backpacking, and trekking—involve walking outside, even though they differ in terms of difficulty, duration, and equipment requirements. Before moving on to climbing and trekking excursions as they gain experience and skill, beginners may choose to start out on a hike or backpacking trip in the Damavand mountain. In this post, we'll outline the main distinctions. 

Mount Damavand Trekking Tour Guide

Damavand Hiking Tour
A hiking journey to Mount Damavand comprises a leisurely stroll along an accurately marked route or trail, usually over level ground. Most hiking trails are well-maintained and prominently marked, and hikers may often complete the route in a day or a few hours. The majority of hikers bring a daypack with them that is filled with extra clothing, food, and water. Visiting the Mount Damavand poppy field or a Damavand Campsite for a day trip.

Mount Damavand Trekking Tours

Damavand Trekking Tour
Walking for days on end over challenging terrain, usually in secluded locations, is required for the more demanding form of hiking known as the Mount Damavand trekking tour. Trekkers must bring all of their equipment and food with them because the trails for trekking sometimes need to be more clearly designated than the pathways for hiking. On a trek, it is possible to camp, stay in a lodge or tea house, and cross rivers and streams. A multi-day climb to and from the peak of Damavand serves as an illustration.

Damavand Backpacking Tour
The Damavand mountain backpacking excursions usually entail carrying a heavier load for longer periods, frequently for several days. Backpackers must be self-sufficient and bring all of their equipment with them, including a tent, sleeping bag, stove, and food. Backpacking frequently entails camping in remote, natural areas. A multi-day backpacking trip to Damavand summit and Lar National Park might be an example.

Damavand Mountaineering Tour
The most complex and technical of the four activities is climbing Mount Damavand or taking a mountaineering excursion. It entails employing specialist equipment and climbing techniques to scale the Damavand mountains, frequently covered in ice and snow throughout the winter. Physically fit, technically adept, and knowledgeable in rope work, navigation, and avalanche safety are all requirements for mountaineers. Extreme elevations, overnight camping, and exposure to unfavourable weather conditions can all be part of mountaineering. For instance, a multi-day mountaineering expedition for winter climbing on the Damavand north face route or ice climbing on the Damavand Glacier.

Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Tours the Significant Variations?

Difficulty: The four outdoor sports of hiking, backpacking, trekking, and climbing are ordered from least to most physically taxing in terms of Damavand difficulty.

Itinerary: Journey time to Mount Damavand on the itinerary hiking excursions can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, unlike backpacking and trekking trips, which can extend for days or even weeks. Expeditions in the mountains could last for several more days.

Equipment: Damavand hikers just only the very minimum in comparison to backpackers, trekkers, and mountaineers who require more specialized gear including a backpack, sleeping bag, and cooking stove. In addition to safety equipment like boots and coats, mountaineering requires specialized instruments like ice axes, crampons, and ropes.

Safety: Hiking in the Damavand Mountains is occasionally thought of as risk-free when contrasted to backpacking, trekking, and climbing, which involve higher threats like falls, avalanches, and altitude sickness. The four sports are all dangerous, but climbing is the riskiest and calls for the most caution.

Damavand Tour

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