26 April 2023

Damavand Hiking Tour Types

Damavand Hiking & Trekking Tour Types
The Damavand Guide company arranges Mount Damavand hiking & trekking tours for climbing on Mount Damavand, Iran and offers a range of hiking and trekking options, including packages for climbing and skiing on the mountain. They cater to all levels of difficulty, from beginner hikers to experienced mountaineers, and have a skilled team of tour guides who provide assistance to individuals, climbing groups, and tour operators throughout the year.

The Damavand Guide company is committed to providing high-quality services to groups and mountaineering teams. The Damavand trekking tour is a guided package that takes climbers to the highest peak in Iran, which is the third-highest among the volcanic seven summits (V7S) in the world. This mountain, which stands at 5670 meters or 18,600 feet, is becoming increasingly popular for trekking and skiing tours. Damavand is known to be one of the easiest mountains to access among the seven summits of volcanoes.

Damavand Tour Types
Our trekking expeditions to Damavand fall into 3 categories:
1- Damavand VIP Private Tours (all seasons – trekking & ski touring).
2- Damavand Economy Tours (summer - trekking).
3- Damavand Group Tours (summer - trekking).

1- Damavand VIP Private Tour
The Damavand VIP Private Tour is a bespoke and high-end travel package designed for foreign mountain climbers who intend to visit Iran. The itinerary can be customized to suit your preferences and includes all the essential services needed for the trip, such as a Damavand trekking tour and a tour of Iran's top attractions.

2- Damavand Economy Tour
The Damavand Economy Tour is an ideal tour option for individual climbers who have a tight budget and prefer to share travel expenses with other mountaineers. Although the itinerary and schedule are not as flexible, it provides all the essential services required for a Damavand trekking tour.

3- Damavand Group Tour
The Damavand Group Tour is designed for trekking teams and mountaineering groups, and it's not recommended for solo trekkers. We provide the best possible services to support climbing organizations and all foreign trekking groups interested in climbing Damavand. Detailed information about services, schedules, and prices is available on our website.

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