04 July 2009


Mt Damavand with its narrow summit and permanent snowcap is the most important feature of Iran showing impressive beauty in the middle of Alborz mountain range near Caspian Sea coast, it is mainly surrounded by many good-looking mountains, valleys peaks, ridges, lake and rivers, in a clear weather it is visible from Tehran and as far as 250 km away, it has few famous glaciers like Yakhar, Sioleh and Dobi Sel, it is located 80 km north east of Tehran, on the Haraz road in Mazandaran province, Iran.

Winter View Mount Damavand
Mount Damavand Iran, Photo by A.Soltani
View From Haraz Road, Polour Village

It is a dormant volcano, looking like Fujiyama in Japan but much higher, with no eruption in historical times, it is also believed to be an extinct silent volcano, it has is a crater about 200 meters across with yellow sulfurous rocks and pumice stones and some sulfuric gas at about 5600 m, making some problem for climbers. It is the highest peak in Iran and Middle East.

Mt Damavand summer tour
South route summer season
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Other names and spellings
Mount or Volcano Damavand, Mount Damawand, Volcano Damawand, Demavand, Demavend, demavand, Donbavand, Demavand, Demavend, Damawand, Damāvand, Demawend

Koh e Damavand alternate Dood koh, Koh Damawand, Qolleh Damāvand.
Donbalvand, Dive Sepid, Koh e Ghaf.

Mt Damavand Facts And Figures
Facts And Figures, by MDG

Quick Facts
Altitude: 5,671 m - 18,605 ft, see also GPS Landmark
Latitude: 35° 57' 19" N
Longitude: 52° 06' 36" E

Best info sites : Mount Damavand Guide & Mt Damavand Info Center
Best Climbing Time: 10 June To 20 August, Timing
Best Climbing Side: South face, Routes
Best Climbing Program: 2 or 3 days , How To Climb

Best Start point: Camp 1 Polour , in Polour village south of the mountain
First Climbs : We believe there has been may unrecorded climbs in ancient years
First Recorded Climbed: 1837 by W.T Thomson

Status: Not active, see also Volcanic Activity
Most Recent Eruption: None on record
Nearest International Airport: Mehr Abad or IKA Airport Teheran, Iran

Highest peak in Persian Plateau and Middle East
Highest dormant stratovolcano in Asia
Second highest volcano in the northen hemisphere
Location: central Alborz range Iran, 80 Km North- East of Tehran

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Climate, Difficulty , Facts And Figuers , Glacier , Routes , Summit , Thermal Spring.

Mount Damavand Photo Gallery

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