04 January 2010


Moon Caves
Caves of Iran
At southern slopes of Mt Damavand there are a series of natural and man made caves, these beautiful small caves are located mainly in Larijan district around Haraz Road near Abask and Moon villages in Mazandaran Province Iran. These series of natural prehistoric period caves were used by man and later they have been changed to a better haven later after tool invention, these natural/artificial caves have narrow entrances and could have been used as stronghold palce against any enemy in the ancient years.

Mt Damavand Poul e Moon Caves, Photo by A.Soltani
Mt Damavand Moon Caves

We have no idea of a reliable source of info for the mentioned caves and neither a reliable name, there might be evidence back to the stone age and there could be retrace of the steps of primitive men or an ancient tribe that lived once upon a time in the area, some locals believe that human skeletons belonging to cavemen have been found in these caves.

Mt Damavand Poul e Moon Caves, Photo by A.Soltani
Poul e Moon Caves near Mount Damavand

Poul e Moon Caves are the most important ones in the area, located at Poul e Moon junction ( GPS Landmark No 3 ) on Haraz Road to Reyneh Town, these small caves are located in a big wall and connected manualy by hand together through tunnels, you may climb to the lower ones easyl, but it is almost impossible to reach the upper ones wihtout the use of technical equipments and goog skill and high degree of rock climbing .
If you have an extra day for acclimatization in your itinerary before attempting Damavand mountain, it is recommended to visit this fascinating caves.

Alternate names and spellings
pol moon cave, pol e moun Cave, Kafar Koli Cave, dast kan cave, qar dast kan, ghar e dastkan
Note, dast kan mean hand made

Location and Coordinate
Pol e Moon junction
Altitude: 1683 m
Latitude: 35-53-25 N
Longitude: 52-11-53 E

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Road Map Tehran To Mt Damavand
Road Map Tehran To Mount Damavand

Photo Gallery Poul e Moon Caves Mt Damavand

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