18 January 2010


FAQ - Part 1
Frequently Asked Questions Mt Damavand

Befor asking a question, please try to find your answer here, if you couldn't find an appropriate answer then feel free to ask , we will reply to all emails who have indicated Mt Damavand in the subject.

Q- How much aclimatisation do we need for mt damavand?
A- Before we talk about acclimatization , please give us more information about your team and the individual fitness!
What kind of mountains have you climbed so far ?
What was the highest elevation ?
when was your last climb ?
Where do you live ? what is the elevation above sea level there ?
Do you have any extra weight ?
Or any kind of sickness ?
your age ?
Please give any information which you think might be helpful in this regard .

Q- Do you have any alternative programme to acclimatize on another mountain prior to Damavand for one week duration?
A- Yes we have different and more relaxing intinerary for more aclimatisation for foreign climbers.

Q- Would it be better to stay one day in Polour camp3 for more time to acclimatise?
A- Yes, good idea.

Q- i am unfamiliar with the acclimatization thats neede?
A- Could you please tell me more about yourself and your fitness ? if possible we recommend to climb mountain about 4000 m height and sleep few nights there.

Mt Damavand Camp 2 Base, Goosfand Sara, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Damavand Base Camp, Goosfand Sara
Photo by Ardeshir Soltani

Q- I also want to ask if you can advise me with low budget, but affordable accommodation in Teheran.
A- There are some low price guest hoses in Tehran, visit topice hotels.

Q- If we stay over night in base camp/Godfandsara, we have to use tent plus sleeping bag ?
A- Yes tent and sleeping bag and not the shelter in summer, generaly we do not use or suggest this camp for tours. See also our advise in Warning .

Q- Can we rent a tent in Polour, we would like to sleep in the tent in Camp3
A- No problem, we can order it to be ready before your arrive there .

Q- Is any suitale accomodation place in camp2 base damavand.
A- No.

Q- What do you think? Is it better to rent a tent or use the hut in camp3 ?
A- Please remember in case of bad weather and emergency, no ordinary tent can stand there, but you are safe in the hut.

Q- Please give me ---- hotel Tel no.
A- Visit Hotels.

Q- Is it possible to hire a tent at camp3 in crowded seasons?
A- Yes, but you should book in advance.

Q- is a sleeping bag is enought to stay the night in a tent at campsite3 in summer?
A- Yes, a suitable one is quite enough.

Q- Is there another shelter you can recommend in stead of Camp 2 Base for acclimatization ?
A- Camp 1 Polour and Camp 3 Bargah hut .

Q- Is it true that “the faster you ascend the less chance the body has to acclamatize”.
A- Yes it is true, we usually suggest everyone to go slow.

Q-We need Hotel for our accommodation in Tehran and Abe Garm e Larigan.
A- No problem, choose which kind of Hotel do you need in the hotel page, we will book for you.

Q- Could you possibly organize an accommodation for us in Lasem for three nights (including breakfast and dinner) in May or April?
A- Yes, but not sure about breakfast and dinner, because it is a remote area in winter.

Arrival in Tehran
Q- what kind of accomodation will be at Camp 1 & Camp 3 (I think we will not have to sleep at Camp 2)
A- To have some idea about these campsites, you may visit photo gallery, quite good places, you will have a good accomodation there. You better forget about Camp2 Base see also Warning .

Q- What is the best way to go to hotel after arriving in Tehran ?
A- We may greet you at airport and take you to your hotel, or take you directly to a mountaineering, or you can take airport taxi to your hotel.

Q- Can I easıly get a taxı to my hotel from Tehran aırport after mıdnıght?
A- We can take you to your hotel, or you can use airport taxi, depends to you .

Mt Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom Shelter, Photo by A.Soltani
Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom Shelter
Photo by A. Soltani

Camps and Huts
Q- Are there any beds, toilet, can we use the hot water (sowers ) in camps?
A- In camp1 hut there are: beds, toilet, hot water, shower, kitchen and cooking equipments.
In camp3 hut there are: beds, toilet ( outside), kitchen and cooking equipments.

Q- Can you please tell me what facilities are available at Polour camp and Bargah camp. For example, are there matresses to sleep on? Is there hot water available for making food or do we have to bring our own water and stove?
A- Polour Hut and Bargah Sevom Hut have most of the mentioned facilities, for more info see related topics.

Q- can we use the private room in hut in August? Or we should use shared room with the other climbers ?
A- You should book private rooms it in both huts in advance because August is a very crowded season.

Q- are there possibilities to boil water in the huts without bringing own stove?
A- Yes, there are kitchen in the huts which you can use.

Q- Any costs for camping in Camp2 Gosfansara?
A- we do not recommend camping in this palce in summer.

Q- Can hut beds and rooms be booked via you in advance?
A- Yes, no problem.

Q- But there are new Hut in Bargah (Camp No.3), aren't they ?
A- Yes, and we book and use new hut private rooms for our clients.

Q- I would like to ask if there is any Hut in Gosfandsara (Camp N.o2 ) ?
A- No hut , just a shelter which is not suitable for use.

Q- If we book a place in the new hut, do we need to bring our mattress ?
A- No, the idea is that you climb with lighter equipmets.

Q- Is there any beds in damavand huts ?
A- Yes, bunk beds in camp 1 hut and camp 3 new hut.

Q- Will this be ok to use Camp3 Barga Sevom in June, because it still isn't really high season?
A- No problem..

Q- We would like to stay one night in the shelters at Base camp in july.
A- We do not recommend Camp 2 Base , see also Warning.

Q- please tell what is in Camp 2 base ?
A- There is a shelter and a mosque, and a sheepfold, see also topic Camp 2 Base.

Q- I am planing to use the new hut in August, is it vacant ?
A- It is crowded in August, it is a good idea to book a place in advance.

Q- Is the new constructed hut ready by now?
A- Yes.

Q- can you tell me how many people new hut can accomodate?
A- About 100, it is quite big.

Q- Are there beds avalable in huts?
A- Yes, in Polour Hut and camp3 new Hut, room + bed.

Q- to what extent would we need outside (expert) help to climb and to reach the 3 camps before the summit?
a- In a clear day you can find your way and the route with no problem.

Q- do we need to book the huts?
A- Yes, it is recommende to reserve hut in crowded seasons. .

Q- We are planning to go in May, will be new shelter in Camp3 open for this time?
A- Yes, I think so.

Q- In May can we spend the night in the old shelter? What can be found in the old one?
A- Yes you can , nothing only empty bunk beds.

Q-Can you help us to book the accomodation in Polour Hut?
A- Yes, we can reserve for you.

Q- Is it possible to spend a night after the climb in the Rineh mountain federation hut?
A- Yes it is possible, but Camp 1 Polour is a much better place.

Q- In winter when the gravel road is closed, is there any possibility to sleep somwhere else other than in tents?
A- From Camp1 polour you go by car towards camp2 Base, as far as car can go, after one hour trekking you will reach the camp2, and from camp2 by 5 to 7 hours you may reach camp 3 which is the last camp. So if you strat early morning from camp1, you will reach camp3 in time.

Q- We would like to trek as much as possible, do we have to go to base camps with cars or can we trek?
A- You may also trek 17.7 Km without using cars, it is not recommended.

Q- How long will it take if we choose to only trek from camp1 to camp3 as opposed to take cars?
A- Depends what is your final destination? Trekking or going to the summit?!

Q- I think we will go from camp1 to camp2 by foots for better acclimatisation.
A- Please visit Facts And Figuers
- Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base distance 17.7 Km, it is not recommend.

Q- Would it be better to walk from camp 1 to 2 and to 3, rather than take a car?
A- Please visit Facts And Figuers
- Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base distance 17.7 Km, we do not recommend because we do not know about your team fitness and for sure your team will be very tired for the summit day.

Q- We want to trek Damavand, so from the foot to the summit. Instead of driving to camp 1 and 2, we would like to trek. And continue trekking to summit. After we will descend and return to UAE.
A- If you intend to climb to the summit, I beleive you better to do some modification to this and your itinerary, because you are living at the sea level, to avoid AMS you need more acclimatization, and going to the peak without using the camps is very difficult for your team.

Damavand New Hut 4250m, Photo by A. Soltani
Mt Damavand New Hut
Photo by A. Soltani

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