20 January 2010


Mt Damavand Glaciers
There are some major glacers on Mt Damavand, these huge mass accumulation of snow and ice are formed during ages and are the main source of water for Talkh Roud River and the Lar Dam Lake, one of the main reservoir of fresh water for capital city of Tehran.
These glaciers are mostly located on east and north face. It appears that some of these glacier cannot qualify as a true permanent glacier because they may disappears during a very hot and dry summer.

Mount Damavand winter view
Mount Damavand Iran

The most important glaciers are:
East and North East Face Glaciers
- In the enormous Yakhar Valley in the east side of this volcano there is large glacier called Yakhar which is the most well-known and the biggest glacier of the mountain, it starts from about 3500 meters high to just below the summit, it has was climbed many times in summer but noon in the winter, this glacer is the main soure of Talkhrood River, ending in caspian Sea.
- Chalchal Glacier and Arosakha, are other glaciers ones that can be mentioned on these sides.

North Face Glaciers
Two large glaciers are located on the north face, called Dobi Sel and Sioleh, the north route ridge passes between these two glaciers, which makes this route colder copmared to the other routes.

South Face Glacier
There is a small glacer on the south face in Kafar Valley (Kafar Dareh), called South Glacier or Kafar Dareh Glacier. It is situate between south route ridge and Mollakhoron Ridge, it passes by Damavand Icefall .

West Face Glaciers
There are some small and none important glaciers on the west side which do not have a particular names.

Summit Glacier
There is a small glacier on the volcano crater, called summit glacer, mostly frozen, but in a hot summer you may see a little water in the crater, this one sounds remarkably to a frozen Lake.

Damavand Iran
Mt Damavand, Iran

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