24 January 2010


Photo Gallery 3
Find beautiful photos for hiking and trekking, climbing and ski mountaineering Mt Damāvand, iran nature and ecosystem.

Mt Damavand Summer Shared Tour, Base Camp, Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Beginning of a Mt Damavand Summer Shared Tour
Location: Base Camp 3050m, by A.Soltani

Final Steps to Mt Damavand Summit 5671m, Photo by Yaser Qodsi
Final Steps to Mt Damawand Summit 5671m
by Yaser Qodsi

Very Interesting Volcanic Lava Shapes on  Mt. Damavand!! Photo by Q. khorampour
Dino of Mt. Damāvand!! Interesting Volcanic Lava Shapes
by Q. khorampour

Above Clouds, Mt. Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom 4220m Photo by Ardeshir Soltani
Above Clouds, Mt. Damawand Camp3 Bargah Sevom 4220m
by Ardeshir Soltani"

A quick rest above clouds to take photos, Damavand tour, altitude 3200m Photo by A. Soltani
Damawand tour, A quick rest above clouds to take some photos
by A. Soltani

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