19 November 2012


Fuji or Damavand
19 November 2012 Posted by Sherppa

Fujiyama or Damavand this is the question?!
There is a nice image on the internet of a volcano with a beautiful lenticular cap clouds on its summit with no data about the title, location or the photographer, some Iranian believe this picture belongs to Damawand Volcano in Iran!

Fuji or Damavand ?!
Fuji or Damavand ?!

If you have close look at this photo you will see a flat area (perhaps a small town near) and a lake at the lower part of the mountain. Remember there is not such a view closed to Mt Damawand in Iran. Read more in Damavand Info.

So this picture most probably belongs to Mt Fuji (Fujiyama or Fujisan 3776 m) Japan's highest peak. Fuji looks like the Iranian summit and it is so similar and almost twin sister of Damavand! Due to this similarity, some people are confused and not able to distinguish between the two volcanoes.
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Mt Damavand Iran Cap Cloud
Mt Damawand Iran Cap Cloud

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