Orange Juice
One of the best soft drinks for mountaineers
5 September 2010 posted by MDG

Consumption of water and soft drink is one of the essentials for a mountaineering trip. Depending on how much effort you have to spend on preparation before the climb, there are numerous options for putting together to make a delicious drink for climbing adventure. Mountaineering, climbing, hiking trekking or backpacking requires a much higher energy expenditure on a daily basis than what you may be used to. Drinking and eating enough and frequently not only provide energy levels but also helps to keep positive morale and attitude. To avoid hypothermia, altitude related and other cold weather problems, it is important to have more caloric on mountains and your menu should include a well-balanced selection of energy.

At high altitude such as Mt Damavand you will lose your appetite as you gain altitude and you can not compensate your lost energy by eating ordinary food, so the best way to sustains energy levels is to drink some sort of juicy stuff, orange and lemon juice are the best and most favorite drinks for this occasion.
The natural juice extracted from squeezed oranges and lemons are recommended, best to do it your self, just add some salt and sugger, it works very well! Make a dense 300 cc bottle of orange juice + salt + sugger, it is quite enough for your summit day, add enough water when drinking. Please note, do not drink strong or dense juce and liquid stuff at high altitude.

mt damavand iran, Photo by A. Soltani
Mt Damavand Iran

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