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3 September 2010 Posted by MDG

Calories Burned & Fat Burning on Mt Damavand Iran
This is an example of fat burning and calories burned when ascending Mt Damavand Iran, it shows your energy expenditure during a 4 days expedition and gives you personal guidance how to exercise to reach your personal fitness for such a tough attempt to this giant volcano.

Today, heart rate monitoring, training and heart rate based exercise is being used by mountaineers, athletes, coaches, people trying to lose weight and personal trainers worldwide . This is a very useful way to optimise fat burning time while exercising, prevents over training and helps burn more fat calories, a suitable way for all abilities from novice to high performer.

The test is down from 25 to 28 August 2010, on a 29 years old male, a novice climber to Damavand Iran, 85 kgs, 187 cm, fat berning zone 135-151 beats/min, he is an EX smoker who has stopped smoking for 2 years. The equipment used for measurment in this test was a Polar Heart Rate Monitor wrist watch model F11.

Facts And Figuers Damavand Iran, By Mount Damavand Guide
Facts And Figuers Damavand Iran

Day1: Starting Day
From Camp2 Base 3050m to Camp3 4250m

Calories Burned= 4900
Fat Burning= 35%
Heart Beat Max= 181 BPM (Beats/min)
Heart Beat Avg= 153 BPM

Ascend and Activity Time = 5 h
Average climb speed = 950 m/h
Average Slop Angle = 21 Deg
Distance between camp2 and camp3 = 4700 m
Height from camp2 to camp3 = 1160 m

Day2: Acclimatization Day
From Camp3 4250m to near by heights about 4600m

Calories Burned= 2420
Fat Burning= 40%
Heart Beat Max= 177 BPM
Heart Beat Avg= 148 BPM

Ascend and Activity Time = 2.5 H
Average climb speed = ---
Average Slop Angle = 31 Deg
Distance camp3 to first ridge = ---
Height from camp3 = 400 m

Day3: Summit Day
From Camp3, 4250m to the Summit 5671m and back to the Camp3

Calories Burned= 10700
Fat Burning= 45%
Heart Beat Max= 172 BPM
Heart Beat Avg= 146 BPM

Total Activity Time = 12 H
Ascend Time = 8 h
Descend Time = 4 H
Average climb speed = 400 m/h
Average Slop Angle = 31 Deg
Distance Camp3 to the Summit= 3300 m
Height from Camp3 to the Top = 1470 m

Day4: Return Day
Descend down From Camp3, 4250m to the Camp2 Base 3050m

Calories Burned= 2900
Fat Burning= 55%
Heart Beat Max= 145 BPM
Heart Beat Avg= 121 BPM

Descend and Activity Time = 4 H
Average Descend Speed = 1100 m/h
Average Slop Angle = 21 Deg
Distance Camp3 to Camp2= 4700 m
Height from camp2 to camp3 = 1160 m

damavand peak iran Photo by A. Soltani
Mt Damavand Summit 25 August 2010

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