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Visitors to Iran and Mt Damavand who have used our services may express their thoughts about the Mount Damavand Guide website and its assistance, you are welcome to make recommendations and comments by dropping off a message by email, this will help us to improve our services in the future and will give a better idea to incomming tourists.

We understand that there are some bad news about Iran in western media, but Iran is wonderful country and the people are helpful and will make you feel welcome, in our guestbook you can read some true practical info from those mountaineers who have visited Iran recently, this may help you to make your mind and experience travel to Iran yourself.

Comment by Benjamin Aubert From France:

15 June 2010
"I spent 2 weeks in Iran with Mr Soltani and it was an amazing trip. Everything was prepared and very well organized. I had to worry about anything. Mr Soltani is a Mt Damavand Expert, he has wonderful knowledge about the mountain and the region. He knows where to go when and everything is clear. It first my first trip/guide in the world and I really like the time we spent. I had the chance to go far north to Sabalan and to see another huge mountain.
Why choosing Mt Damavand Info:
- Serious
- Honnest
and he will help you to discover Iran as you which with many traditions and cultural aspect.
It worth going to the mountain with Mr Soltani if you wish to reach the summit. It is also very useful to listen as Mr Soltani advice as he climbed the mountain few time ;-)
Allez les Verts"
Benjamin A

Demavand Iran
Benjamin Aubert
with Saint Etienne Football Club Flag
on Mt Damavand Summit, 15 June 2010

Comment by Jaime Vinals From Guatemala:
27 April 2010
My expedition to Mt. Damavand last April 13 and 14 was a wonderful experience, specially because who organizes for me was very professional and kind.
I did my trip thru Mr. Ardeshir Soltani... http://damavandmt.blogspot.com/
Since the moment Mr. Soltani waited for me at the airport until the end of the trip he was concern about myself.
I climbed to the summit of Mt. Damavand together with Soltani's guide Mr. Majid Droodgar.
We did an excellent team with good communication and will to reach the summit. He has been up there many times, but for me was my very first time, which was great.
In enjoyed a very clear summits, admiring the landscape, scenery, the beautiful crater on the top. I have really enjoyed.
Thank you so much to Mr. Soltani and Mr. Droodgar for help me to introduce myslef to the wonderful Iranian Mountains such as Mt. Damavand.
I recommend very much to anyone who wants to climb successfully Mt. Damavand go with Mr. Ardeshir Soltani, he is the best at Iran.

Jaime Vinals

Jaime Vinals in Tehran
Jaime Vinals in Melat Park after climb to Mount Damawand Iran
Photo by A. Soltani

Comment by Gilad Stern from South Africa:
Climbing Damavand can be a bit tricky. It is a high mountain, and not to be underestimated, especially because the height gain is relatively quick. One goes from the low slopes to the 5671 metre high summit in two days, so there is not a great deal of time to acclimatise. So, I found that the best asset I had in climbing Damavand was the considerable experience of Mr Soltani.

It is unusual, maybe even unmatched, for one person to have such extensive experience of one seriously high mountain. Mr Soltani's literally hundreds of summits have given him unparalleled insight into Damavand, and he shares that insight with his client climbers. I benefitted from his advice and judgement, and that made the experience both pleasant and fulfilling.

Damavand is a characterful mountain, high, beautiful, and full of energy. My ascent was enhanced by a guide with character and energy in generous quantities.

Gilad Stern
Cape Town, South Africa

Gerald Stern on the Summit of Mt Damavand Iran
Gilad Stern on the top of Mt Damavand Iran
Photo by Ali Najafi

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Mount Demavand in Winter, Photo by A, Soltani
Damawand Mountain Iran
photo by Sherpa of Mt Damavand

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