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There is an attractive frozen waterfall on the south face of Mt Damavand called "Abshar Yakhi", this icefall is approx 15 meters tall and is located at altitude of 5100mclosed to the south route climbing footsteps and is visible on your right hand side when ascending to the peak, its the highest icy fall in the Middle East, we are not sure about its rank in the world ?!

A small glacier is located just few meters above the fall and is the main source of water and ice to make it almost a permenant icefall, but it could collapse in a very hot summer. The amazing view and the beauty of this icyfall attracts tired climbers to change their direction for a quick visit to this phenomenon.

Icefall Damavand
Mt Damavand Icefall

Location and Coordinate
Altitude: 5100 m - 16732 ft
Latitude : 35-56-48 N
Longtitude: 52-06-40 E

Distance from camp3 Bargah about 3-4 hours

Farsi name: Abshar Yakhi , abshar=fall , yakhi=icy
آبشار یخی، آبشار یخ، آبشار یخزده

Icefall Damavand Mountain
Damavand Icefall

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