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Useful GPS Track File for Mt Damavand Danger Zone
12 October 2010 Posted by MDG

Danger Zone is an area which is located between the Fake Summit 5400m and the real Peak 5671m on the south face of Damavand. In an ordinerary weather and good visibility it is an easy part of the mountain, but in poor visibility and bad weather it is difficult part of the route.

The area is the most incident part of the mountain which many accidents has happened there, mountaineers lose their way easily when they return down from the summit due to bad visibility, darkness, stormy and violent weather.

GPS Track File in GPX Format
(by Garmin Oregon 550 Navigator)

This GPS track file is very helpful to show you the actual footprints up and down to safly pass through this dangrous zone, it could save your life, take care.

Track File Fake Summit 5400m to Summit 5671m (Danger Zone)
This track file is suitable for ascend and descend.
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This area looks like a desert, without signs or rocks, it has a mild climbing slope with only few guideposts, you may not find the guideposts in bad visibility, you can ascend easily but you may not find your way back.

In bad weather, foggy condition and poor visibility, it is highly recommended not to go upper than fake summit without a reliable navigation equipment such as a handheld GPS receiver.

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Photo by A. Soltani

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