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6 February 2011, Posted by Sherppa

Depending on the number of the participant in your team you should choose some sort of transport for your journey, city tours, IKA/Mehrabad Airport, Tehran hotel and to starting point of Damavand, it could be a private car/taxi, van taxi, mini/middle bus or a bus. Also the transportation for camp1 to camp2, which could be a Land Rover, Jeep or any 4WD patrol cars. Usually mountaineers have big luggage, duffel bag and backpacks, so for those stuffs extra room should be considered too.

- In city use only yellow or green cabs.
- Ask you cab at Airport/Hotel info desk.
- Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are best for starting days.
- It is not recommended to be on the road on Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday).

IKA Airport Tehran
IKA Airport Tehran, Iran

Transport and Transfer Services
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We organize reliable and safe transport and transfer to various destination, just let us know the exact number of your team, date and time before your trip.

Destination to/from:
- Tehran IKAI and MehrAbad Airport airports.
- Tehran hotel.
- Starting point of Mt Damavand or other Iranian mountain.
- Camp1, Polour, Reyneh, Lasem.
- Camp2, Base Camp, Gusfansara.
- Iran Ski Resort.
- Any persian tourism site.

Transport Plus Driver Guide
- Bus, mini bus, med bus, private car, taxi, van, van taxi for cities.
- Land Rover, Jeep and 4WD cars + driver guide for deserts and mountains.
- Private car for travel to Iran cities plus driver guide.

IKAI Airport Tehran
IKAI Airport Tehran, Iran

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