4 February 2011, Posted by Sherppa.
Winter Warning Freezing Temprature on Damavand

Warning freezing temprature for Winter Climbs, Ski Mountaineering and Snowboarding.
Damavand is very cold in winter and the temprature could drop to disaster quickly, the temp reaches far bellow -60° celsius with the wind speed more than 100km/h, very tough and freezing situation almost similar to the north/south pole.

Damavand Freezing Temprature
Freezing Temprature Mt Demavand, Iran.
-67° celsius (-88° Fahrenheit) 3 February 2011,
by Snow Forecast

If you intend to attempt any winter climbing, ski mountaineering or snowboarding expeditions to Mt Damavand Iran, you should be aware dangers and possibility of injuries, you must be well-equipped and well- experienced for difficult and harsh winter conditions, you need a good supporing team too.

You should also be aware that in case of emergency and injury, you better count on your own strenght and luck for surviving because rescue team and medical facilities are not available in the area, and if/when they arrive it could be too late. So extra care should be taken in winter and it is done by your own risk only.

Winter Temrature Damavand Iran
Winter Temprature on Mt Demavand, Iran.
-67° celsius (-88° Fahrenheit) 3 February 2011,
by Snow Forecast

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